To illustrate 40 years of the Rubik’s Cube: a success story in Germany

To his architecture students to three-dimensional problems, invented by the Hungarian Professor Ernő Rubik in 1974, the first prototype of a handy cube that should be in the world to become one of the most popular logic games. On 02. June 1980, the colorful Rubik’s cube also reached the German market and brought people from young to old to despair and to Cheer. Even after 40 years of the Rubik’s cube has not lost its magic and fascinated children and adults around the globe.

Ernő Rubik’s invention was first described as an insoluble dpa/Istvan Bajzat, a former architecture Professor Ernö Rubik in his house in Budapest in 1988.

the child colors of the cube once a mess, the Game is 43 quintillion ways to bring it back to its original Position, and the colors white, blue, red, green, yellow and orange unique to the respective surfaces. No wonder, the Rubik’s cube was in his early days as unsolvable. The greater the enthusiasm was appeared as 1981, the first manual for the solution of the cube in the mirror, and for many a long-lasting despair, finally, dissolved into air.

In the case of a single solution, it is not, however, remained: Even years after start of sales of puzzle game, you did further research of solution options, and Algorithms to the cube in as few moves as possible to solve. In 2010, a team of researchers managed to find for the first time, the so-called “God’s algorithm”, with which the cube from any Position in 20 moves is solvable. Some of the positions are to be solved, therefore, by no means faster.

a novelty from Hungary made it through the iron curtain

Without any advertising, the first models of the Rubik’s cube were brought at that time in Hungary among the people, until 1977, you were there actually in the trade. In 1979, brought the in Germany and Hungary-born computer expert Tibor Laczi dice to Germany and introduced him to the Nürnburger toy fair. At that time, there was no sign of the triumph of the cube, nothing, because the game manufacturers remained skeptical: they kept the colorful cube is a logic game for academics, to solve difficult and therefore not suitable for mass production. That changed in 1980, when the American company Ideal Toy Corporation bite and instead of the originally planned Million in the first year, 30 million Rubik’s Cubes sold. Until today, estimated to have sold more than 450 million cubes.

Rubik’s Cube: the First world Championships in 1982, dpa/Bernd Thissen Philipp Weyer is a German champion in 2013 in the “Speedcubing”.

it was Fast for a lot of people from the nice pastime, a serious Hobby, and they tried to optimize the solution of the cube and to be faster. As a competitive discipline, the so-called “Speedcubing was held” as early as 1982, the international Hype: two years after the launch on the German market, as the World Cube Association, the first world championship in Solving of the Rubik’s cube in Budapest. World record for Solving the 3×3 cube 22,95 seconds – an eternity compared to the 2018 is to be prepared and the current world record of 3.47 seconds, held by a man from China was back then.

year-long legal dispute with a German game manufacturer,

Not only inventors and puzzles are desperate lovers of the Rubik’s cube, the invention of the Hungary Rubik has also engaged European courts for a long time. Reason for the year-long dispute before the court, the brand was the legal protection of the cube by the British company Rubik’s Brand, which was mainly provided by the German game producer Simba Toys in question. The manufacturer Simba looked at the rotation of the cube as the only patentable, however, as a brand can be protected. In the case of the Rubik’s cube is a different design of such a spell is a cube, however, is not technically possible, so that it competitors becomes more difficult, similar products on the market.

in 2006, applied for Simba Toys therefore, the cancellation of the trademark before the European trademark office Euipo. The dispute was before an EU court, of the action in 2014 but has been rejected. In the second instance, the dispute about the Rubik’s Cube in 2016, but landed in front of the ECJ, which declared the judgment of the EU court null and void and thus the cancellation of the trademark caused.

Rubik’s complained against this judgment, this claim was rejected by the EU court in 2019 and affirmed the decision of the European trademark Office to delete the brand.

how to solve the Rubik’s cube

For some, seems to be a solution to the Rubik’s cube almost impossible. With the right technique and a little Practice, anyone can do it but actually, to solve the colorful puzzle cube. Until 1981, the dice seemed unsolvable until the 12-year-old British Boy Patrick Bossert the book “You Can Do the Cube” published, and more than 1.5 million copies sold. The book with the original Cover, you can buy even today at Amazon (ad), for a price of 66,24 Euro as a paperback, however, not particularly favorable. However, you can learn in the Kindle Version already for 3,90 Euro, as the Boy in 1981, managed to solve the Rubik’s cube. A free guide to solving the cube, you can download as a PDF here.

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