household electricity, according to the Federal Statistical office, nowhere in Europe is as expensive as in Germany. In the first half of 2019 for an annual consumption between 2500 and 5000 kilowatt hours by the price per kilowatt-hour 30,88 cents. That was a good a penny more than the 1. Half of 2018.

A model household with consumption of 4000 kilowatt-hours needed additional costs from an average of 71 euros per year, according to the comparison, and mediation portal Verivox.

increase in the price of electricity goes on

And the wave of price increases will not be so well-even to the end. Verivox also 2020 reckon that in the further course of the year, price increases will follow, a spokesman said.

The price of the utilities from increases in the fall, depending on the Bundesland. While in Berlin and Hamburg, according to Verivox-evaluations, to date, no increases have been announced, they rise in the area countries, on average, between 4.2 per cent in Schleswig-Holstein and 6.6 per cent in Hesse, and the Saarland and Bremen. In the population of the länder, North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria, the Plus, therefore, is 6.2 percent and 5.5 percent.

utilities are usually the most expensive

The details of the price increases affect households that are current in a primary care tariff. According to the Federal network Agency, about 27 percent of all private households in Germany. Current in the primary care is usually the most expensive Tariff. The reason suppliers are obliged to publish price increases. Energy contracts: 80% of all Germans are still paying too much! (Display)

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According to the calculations of the comparison portal Check24, of the price should be around 3.9 million households increases affected, the current from the basic supply. But also the prices at alternative providers to place according to the information portal, albeit at a lower level than in primary care. In December, households paid accordingly, in the case of alternative providers, an average of twelve percent less than in primary care. Verivox

Rising levies

As the reason for the increases in electricity prices, the utility of increased levies and network stated fees. The EEG levy, the Expansion of renewable energies will be financed, increasing the year by around 5 percent to 6,756 cents per kilowatt-hour. It accounts for around 22% of the total electricity price. The fees for the electricity networks, on the almost another quarter of the total price rise, however, varies. The majority of network operators in Germany, has announced Verivox, according to the increases of around 6 percent.

the current buy-catering to the electricity according to the observations of the comparison portals are currently a lot cheaper than the beginning of 2019. According to Check24, the wholesale prices for electricity between January and December 2019, approximately 32 percent. “Although the wholesale price of electricity is around a third lower than a year ago, have to pay electric customers to continue to record prices,” said Lasse Schmid, managing Director of energy at Check24.

The Federal government wants to relieve the citizens as a compensation for rising CO2 prices starting in the year 2021, among other things, electricity. The EEG should be reduced levy for the promotion of green energy significantly. For an average household this means, according to the calculations of the government a discharge of 63 euros in the year 2021 and of € 103 2025 in the case of a higher CO2 price, and more revenue for the state.

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