was supposed to be the new middle-class Smartphone from Google to the developer conference I/O in may appear. However, because of the Corona pandemic was not cancelled, only the conference, but also the Launch of the Pixel 4a postponed several times. But now it is almost so far: 1. October will be the device in the trade, Google announced on Monday.

We were able to try out the Pixel 4a already for a few days in advance. In practice, the test quickly becomes clear: The Pixel 4a is linked to the strength of the previous model – an outstanding camera. At the same time, Google engineers have responded to the complaints about the relatively short battery run times for pixels 4 and 3a and the new Smartphone a larger battery (3140 mAh) equipped.

using the battery pack in the pixels 4a, lasts longer

While the 4P-model wanted to often be connected to in the afternoon back to the power supply, by holding the Pixel 4a with typical use now and again for a whole day long. Using the included 18-Watt power supply, is to charge a completely discharged battery in approximately 30 minutes to 75 percent. Since the housing is made of polycarbonate, the Smartphone but not wireless charging.

Google Pixel 4a with a lens Software patches to

In the Pixel 4a, the same 12.2-Megapixel’s camera as the much more expensive, the previous flagship Smartphone, the Pixel 4. On an additional zoom camera, as in the larger Pixel 4 XL Google has refused, however, because it is contrary to all the rumours – no Pixel 4a XL with a dual camera.

back While other Smartphone manufacturers up to five lenses on the device in position, Google uses the Pixel 4a only on a lens, and the power of the Software. Sophisticated methods of digital post-processing of the captured photos show significant results. So the Google Phone, like its predecessor, extremely little ambient light to shoot good photos.

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stars and faces to photograph

The night-vision mode has been added to the program “Astro photography”, which can be in search of celestial bodies such as comets Neowise more detail than you can capture with the human eye. This is made possible by the long exposure times and special Software. In order to obtain good results, it is not necessary to make sure that the Pixel 4a wobbles during recording, and is best to use a tripod.

As with the Pixel 4 also portrait photos can be achieved with the 4a outstanding. The face appears sharp, the Background is artificially defocused. Because of this Bokeh effect is created not with the optics, but solely by Software, can you apply it later in photo-editing. dpa/Google/dpa-tmn Clear Highlight of the Google Pixel 4a is, like its predecessor, the 12.2-Megapixel camera.

The Selfie-front camera with 8 mega pixels has Google as the “Punch-Hole-camera” in the top left at the edge of the 5.8-inch Displays (OLED) have been implemented. This solution allows Google to reduce the black screen-edge significantly. Suitable for this purpose, the manufacturer supplies colorful Background images, where the small black hole in the subject is integrated and so not noticeable.

fingerprint sensor and the earphone Jack

In contrast to the larger Pixel 4, and the expected in the autumn Pixel 5 omitted Google facial recognition to Unlock the device (“Face Unlock”). Instead, the manufacturer has placed on the back of an easily accessible fingerprint sensor. It fits quite well in the Corona of the time, because the mouth – and nose protection masks, face detection is often impossible.

The Pixel 4a is supplied with the Snapdragon processor 730G, as well as the security chip Titan M and has 6 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes (GB) of internal storage space. For comparison: The predecessor model 3a has only 64 GB of storage. This corresponds to the equipment of other mid-range Smartphones. In contrast to many current Smartphones and the Pixel 4, the Pixel 4a is also a Jack socket, so that conventional headphones without the Adapter.

pixels 4a: New features so far only available in English

Handy for conferences and Interviews: The new recorder App can not only record the language. The built-in Chip converts them in real-time in Text for keywords. An Internet connection is not necessary. So far, this works only for English, other languages will follow.

However, Google has promised already a year ago, at the presentation of the Pixel 4. Hopefully the German Version comes on the day of a blue moon – because this feature is really very useful.

just in Time for the start of sales in October, the group brings in the new Google Assistant on the Pixel 4a. In our test, it was only available in English. The Software servant is now ready for rapid deployment, and responsive to context. For example, if Google Maps is open, the command “search itelienischen Restaurants,” not a General Google search, but the restaurants, shows directly in the maps application.

5G will follow later

In the theme of 5G Google drive a defensive course: While other manufacturers of Android Smartphones such as Samsung, Motorola, Huawei and Xiaomi the fifth-Generation mobile rates with super-fast data transmission and short data transit times (latency) are also in their middle-class models on the market have brought, the pixels 4a, initially, only the 4. Mobile wireless Generation (LTE). Availability and pre-order

The Pixel 4a may 10. September pre-order on the Google play Store. From 1. October, the Smartphone is then on the Google Store, Vodafone, o2, mobilcom-debitel, media-Markt and Saturn available.

pixels 4a comes in the autumn for around € 340

However, Google has announced the launch of the Pixel 4a, a 5G-variant “for the autumn”. It is a little bigger than the 4a without the 5G and will be of 499 Euro noticeably more expensive. Because of the VAT reduction in the Pixel 4a will be available instead of the list price of 349 euros for 340,20€. In the autumn there will be a new flagship Smartphone, the Pixel 5, with 5G. This will move price, but in regions other than the 4a.

The Pixel 4a is only a black housing to choose from, while the Pixel 4 was also in white. Here, too, the effects of Corona have made a pandemic, which is still the supply chains in the Smartphone industry noticeably disturb.

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