the final! Lili Paul-Roncalli, Luca Hänni und Moritz, Hans are the three best dancers made it to the big “Lets Dance”Finale this Friday. Tijan Njie had to leave the Show after yesterday’s semi-final. The finalists must) three dances to perform (favorite dance, jury, and dance Final Freestyle. There is also a reunion with the eliminated couples, and their favorite dances, Motsi dancing Mabuse and Pietro Lombardi sings.

“Let’s Dance” in 2020, in the Live Stream, see how to:

The Finale of “Let’s Dance” on Friday, at 20.15 clock on RTL. At TVNOW, all consequences can be traced also in the Live Stream.

  • “Let’s Dance” 2020: Live Stream of TVNOW “Let’s sign up’s Dance” in 2020, with Waipu (display)

    Now, in the case of Waipu, get your free month to inform and “Let’s Dance” for free in HD stream


“Let’s Dance”: So the semi-finals

it was had to say good bye In the semi-finals Tijan Njie from the dance floor. Prior to that, Ilka Bessin, Laura Müller, Martin Klempnow, Loiza, Lamers, Ulrike von der Groeben, John Kelly, Sükrü Pehlivan, Aílton, Sabrina Setlur and Steffi Jones were already leaving the dance duel of the Stars.

the maximum number of points out of a total of 87 jury points was Luca Hänni a Highlight of the Habfinales. With passion, the singer danced in the hearts of the Jury and the audience. Together with a professional dancer, Christina air enthusiasts, Luca Hänni with the Jive (“I Got Lucky,” Elvis Presley: 30 points). Motsi Mabuse: “Respect! This was an announcement for the Cup! Everything, everything has voted. That was the best Jive we’ve ever had at Lets Dance. Ever, ever, ever!” Jorge González: “Mega, I’m excited.” Also, Joachim Llambi confirmed the Jive feat: “That was the best Jive ever here. This was the Best by a large margin tonight.”

artist Lili Paul-Roncalli enthusiasts together with professional dancer Massimo Sinató with a soulful Contemporary (“One Day I’ll Fly Away” Vaults/Randy Crawford Cover, 30 points). Jorge González: “It was so beautiful, I want to see more.” Motsi Mabuse: “You show what God has given you, simply beautiful.” Joachim Llambi: “A Contemporary feel.”

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