reported As “der Spiegel” citing there is a draft bill, which provides for a recast of the telecommunications act. This is likely to be for the Provider tax. Because of the design that consumers are allowed to retain consumers in the future, under certain circumstances, Pro rata with so much money, such a connection is too slow. Is simplified to: do you Have a DSL connection with 16 Mbit/s booked, it is only 8 Mbit/s to come but, could you deduct half of your basic fee.

However, the final bill is likely to be a bit more complicated. Because your connection usually includes not only the Internet, but also a telephone connection. This is also paid to the basic cost and will be provided. In addition, the draft States that for the reduction of a number of conditions must apply. So it must be a “substantial, continuous or regularly recurring deviation”. A Speedtest is just too slow, you can’t reduce directly.

in addition, your provider may show you that he is not responsible for the deviations. This can be especially problematic if your provider is only a Provider, but the provider of the connection.

expansion of commitment in non-profitable areas

for the First time, the new TKG provides that the Federal network Agency may oblige a provider to supply certain regions with Internet. This obligation to Fund all providers on a common levy pot.

Whether or not these plans are actually implemented, remains to be seen. It is only a draft, which must now be submitted to the Cabinet, the Bundestag and the Bundesrat.

Practical tips to slow Internet

Many Internet connections in Germany are slow – thinking customers. But, more often than not to blame the pure connection at all. For example, if your video stream is jerky, can have very different causes. And if you use Wi-Fi, so that is also rarely as fast as the manufacturer of the Router promise.

This article was written by Thorsten Neuhetzki

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