A property can be, for example, to a financial institution overwritten. For the provider to grant a life interest plus a monthly payment. After the death of the residents, the Institute will not sell or rent the property.

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in Order to use the model, are owners of several ways:

reverse mortgage

Here, the owner charged his property with a loan. The money can be converted into a monthly Extra pension. To the contractually stipulated time the borrower has to pay back the borrowed money. This is often only with a sale of the property. You must then find the Ex-owner of a new home. For many of the rest terror fighters. A reason why the reverse mortgage Ekes out a shadowy existence. Everything you know about your pension

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Here, the owner sells its property to an Investor and receives a life-long right of residence, often also legally not quite correct as the “right of Usufruct” referred to. This includes not only the right of residence, the economic use of the property.

The annuities model, the purchase price is not flowing in a amount, it is divided, instead, into regular payments that the seller used to be. The height of the, e.g., monthly amounts, is based on the value of the property, the value of the right-of-Residence and the statistical life expectancy.

This market only a few large suppliers to share. Number 1, the German body is the pensions grundbesitz AG, Frankfurt am Main. She works with people’s banks. In addition, contracts with the Church’s Foundation can Liebenau complete, as well as with the private company, VMT Immofinanz. With regard to costs, providers often work with a minimum age should be at least 65, or better yet, 70 years.

In the case of the annuity, the purchaser assumes any repair costs . It can, however, contract rules, the seller pays for it. Then the annuity is correspondingly higher. But that raises legal questions Because of this special scheme annuitants to pay maintenance for third-party property. Energy contracts: 80% of all Germans are still paying too much! (Display)

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real estate sales have increased in the past few years. This is due to the fact that the seller can range due to the increase in prices in the process, considerable sums of money once.

In this model incurred to the former owners of the regular cost. He must pay a usage fee in the amount of about 2.9 percent of the sale amount. At 200,000 euros, the well 483 euros a month. Within 20 years, reduced the notional Net rental value to 58,000 Euro.

the contract for The real estate part of sale is notarised by a notary. The document contains all the relevant data:

  • co-ownership share of the buyer, the part of a property
  • basic debt
  • monthly usage fee for the benefit of the part of the buyer
  • a right of Usufruct in favour of the part of the seller

The value of the company factor, this model offers since a few years ago. The requirements: With a minimum of 100.0000 euros and to a maximum of 50 percent of the property value the firm buys in a house or an apartment. The money can be used as a supplementary pension on a monthly basis consume or for larger purchases benefit.

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consumer advisors recommend interested parties before the signature advice. Such services of accountants, lawyers and notaries to offer. Also honorary consultant can help to separate among the Offered the wheat from the chaff.

The questions are not pleasant, because they relate to his own demise. To do this,

  • depending on the model, for example: Who pays for any maintenance costs and renovations?
  • What happens in the case of spouses after the death of a partner? Can live of the others?
  • What happens when you move into an old people’s home? The pension is paid, or the outstanding value of the right-of-Residence? May be rented the house then?

Before the sale, an independent appraiser should determine the market value of the property as accurately as possible. Subsequently, should the seller is well advised, so that a tailored solution is implemented. At the time of Retirement are also important legal effects are to be observed.

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