The criticism of the Trade-Up program is due to the fact that Sonos asking the user for a discount of 30 percent on new speakers to destroy the functioning of components. This measure is off the table: You can use your old components still, but still get the discount. You had the destruction of the course, however,the Change for you came too late.

Now Sonos, the discount has expanded to the old Sonos Bridge. This device could you use once to set up your Sonos will not bring speakers online, even if you have been in the vicinity of a network cable. Since then, the multi-room speakers can check in on your home Wi-Fi network, this is no longer necessary. Instead, there is now the Sonos Boost, which amplifies the dedicated Sonos network.

a discount of the Bridge is only valid for the Boost

With the Trade-Up Code on the Sonos Bridge, you can, in contrast to the previous Trade Up program – the Sonos Boost buy. Therefore, it is not possible to get using the often-discounted-cast Bridges, a 30-percent discount on the new Sonos Arc. The Code of get, and can redeem you exclusively on the Sonos Website in the registered users area. However, the Boost is not currently available.

The Sonos Arc, as well as the new Sonos Five and the third Generation of the Sub ahead of the new Sonos system S2. This is not compatible with S1, the current Sonos Firmware. Components such as the Bridge or the Sonos Play:5 the 1. Generation can not be on S2 changed. That’s why Sonos is the Trade-Up was introduced in-program.

This article was written by Thorsten Neuhetzki

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