Especially in large cities where Parking spaces are generally scarce and increasingly other mobility concepts are to soft, fast three-digit sums of money due. Top of the list is Frankfurt am Main: In downtown location, Parking for up to 258 Euro per month will be offered. This shows a recent analysis of the portal Immowelt.

As the reasons for the high totals, the metropolis will be in the Main due, the experts, that in the centre of Frankfurt residents, Shopping customers and commuters to the rare Parking areas to compete. “The power of fixed pitches, desires, and drives up the price.” In addition, also the luxury of a private Parking space can afford to be in the Bank’s capital, known to many local residents, more than in most regions of Germany–.


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it is in Frankfurt but also cheaper, the price trend for the suburbs: In Fechenheim and Bergen-Enkheim about drivers already for 19 euros a month for a private Parking space. However, it is in this price category, most of the places in unsecured outdoor areas.

Munich, up to 170 Euro.

Overall, the experts have examined the rental rates for Parking spaces and garages in the 14 largest German cities in the year 2019. To Frankfurt follows, therefore, in the case of the peak prices in Munich on rank two, but with a considerable distance In Bavaria’s capital, a Parking space can cost up to 170 Euro per month. To get this price, after all, a garage Parking space in sought-after city-centre location-that is, in neighborhoods such as Schwabing or Maxvorstadt. (Display)

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Otherwise, it behaves similarly as in Frankfurt: More outside, for example, in the town of Pasing or Munich-Milbertshofen, share Parking space for 15 euros a month. Here, too, but it is unsecured, Outdoor spaces.

160 Euro in Berlin’s trendy quarters

The high price level of Frankfurt and Berlin have not yet reached. But the capital is not far from the Munich-based price: Up to 160 euros in Berlin, a private Parking space. The highest prices are there called, where many people live or work in Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Charlottenburg.

But also in Berlin, that the prices in the outskirts are much lower – here in Munich no difference: In Reinickendorf and Neukölln duration will be offered to Parking starting at 15 Euro.

Hamburg is comparatively cheap – but the food beats all the

to be A bit cheaper with car Parking in Stuttgart and Hamburg. Depending on the location of up to 139 euros in the Hanseatic city, in Stuttgart, there are up to 150 Euro. The cheap seats are not in the two cities-so-cheap: In Hamburg there is nothing under 21 euros in Stuttgart, the lower limit is Immowelt according to 17 Euro. Car insurance at FOCUS Online, online, you can Find and compare the cheapest rate

On a completely different price level, duration of Parking, move in the Ruhr area In Dortmund, a maximum of 67 euros shall be paid, in food, and only 66 Euro. For Dortmund to provide the owner with a minimum of 23 euros, the most expensive cheap seats, and also in food is to pay 18 Euro relatively much.

The prices for all 14 cities in the Overview:

  • Berlin: 15 to 160 Euro
  • Bremen: 15 to 75 euros
  • Dortmund: 23 to 67 Euro
  • food: 10 to 70 Euro
  • Frankfurt am Main: 15 to 120 Euro
  • Hamburg: 18 to 66 Euro
  • Cologne: from 19 to 258 Euro
  • Leipzig: 21 to 139 Euro
  • München: 16 to 80 euros
  • Nuremberg: 15 to 125 Euro.
  • Stuttgart: 14 to 96 Euro

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