Now that the summer season is almost wrapped up, the next season means that NCAA games are one step away. The atmosphere was quite a shake-up for football fans, especially as the Pac-12 lost two great teams in UCLA and USC to the Big-10. The happenings have stunned both fans and critics alike as college football continues to move towards other great conferences,

For the time being, the great conferences have intriguing matchups for fans and players to look forward to this season.This article breaks down some of the biggest NCAAF games in anticipation of the same cause.

Sept 3-Oregon vs. Georgia

If you follow ncaaf schedule and events and activities, the turnout for the Oregon vs. Georgia game should not surprise you.It is one of the games that fans look forward to in the 2022 season. Additionally, both teams have a significant share of backstories that put them on the edge of the competition. Georgia marches forward as national champions for the first time in four decades against Dan Lanning, their former defensive coordinator.

Oregon’s performance expectations are also inflated with the assumption that it will stamp its place in the 2022 college football season.

Sept 3-Cincinnati vs Arkansas

Right from the looks of it, Cincinnati is a whole different team from what fans saw last year or the past two years. The team has lost most of its star players, a factor that is going to affect how they play this season and in the other years ahead. However, the circumstances also provide a great opportunity for Cincinnati to begin the season with a bold statement against Arkansas.

Arkansas will be a great test for Cincinnati and will indicate where the performances of the two teams lie to begin the season. analysts have it that the range might be a very close one which would make the game even more exciting, regardless of their final results.

Sept 17-Oklahoma at Nebraska

While it may not be a normal idea of a thrilling match, the Oklahoma and Nebraska team competition could be a huge game. The system will be especially new for Oklahoma and a last opportunity for Nebraska to redefine

November 26-Notre Dame at USC

Two storied programs with a ton of hype as they battle for the head coach’s position. The hype is particularly right around USC because of their move to the Big Ten.

Now that Brian Kelly has left Notre Dame for Oklahoma, Marcus Freeman will be carrying the say of the day for the Fighting Irish in 2022. Freeman has been an NCAA coach for over 12 years, beginning as a linebacker coach and rising to become Notre Dame’s defensive coordinator. Idéally, he is tasked with filling big shoes to satisfy fans and player expectations of Notre Dame to be among the best 20 teams by November 2022.

On the flip side, Lincoln Riley will be heading to USC now that he has left Oklahoma. Immediate expectations for success are also hot on the heels for Riley, just like for Freeman. The former Oklahoma quarterback, Caleb Williams, also shares the same expectational demands as he moves to USC with Riley.

Potential speed bumps are present for all these teams as they prepare for their matchups. They will mark the list of the best games of the year if either of them are healthy enough to attain their potential.