Kerstin Zillmer, Stefan Gerhard, Max-Leopold Käther, and Eric Merten are the four hosts of the float original , the new Podcast from the float over the boats, people, places, and things.

Max Leopold Käther is a radio professional, and an active sailor and referee in Berlin. He starts with the episode 1 to the theme of Olympic sailing.

sailors without the Olympic games,

Actually, right now, the summer Olympics were to be held games in Tokyo. Because of the Corona pandemic, the International Olympic Committee had decided in March to postpone the games to next year. It had previously given only during the two world wars.

What is the meaning of this delay is actually for the athletes? A blessing or a curse? Time, profit or it torpedoed financial and life plans? About Max Leopold Käther continues speaking in the first result of the float original with the 470 Team of Frederike Loewe and Anna, Mark and Finn sailors Phillip Kasüske.

From now on, every two weeks a new

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