Gareth Bale will not play for Getafe. This is what he himself assured at a press conference with his team, in which he laughed and answered with a clear no to the option of dressing in blue next season: “I am not going to play for Getafe. That is sure”.

The fuse was lit a couple of days ago by President Ángel Torres, who during the presentation of the new shirts for next season dropped the bomb: «Someone can take it as a joke but 50 minutes ago I spoke with his representative and he told us have offered. It is not an invention. I have found out the reasons for wanting to stay, I have to think about it and talk to the coach, “said the Getafe president.

These words went around Spain and Europe in a moment, but they were quickly met with Barnett’s reply: “I don’t even have the Getafe president’s phone number,” he told Fabrizio Romano, the popular journalist specializing in the market. Bale’s soap opera and his possible signing for Getafe has lasted 48 hours.