• Sanés first training session at FC Bayern
  • Also Niklas Süle at the Säbener Strasse
  • colleagues in holidays

The most up Niklas Süle happy, he is now alone in the house’ at the Säbener Straße. After a week of individual training, of course, driven and accompanied by a fitness coach, started on Monday morning, also Leroy Sané.

At 10.18 PM the best of Bavaria’s new signing played his first unit on the training ground, to his side Bavaria, a health-officer, Dr. Holger Broich and Süle, suffering comrade in the matter of cruciate ligament rupture. The two had a good mood, even with the hard Sprints to the Warm. Also on the Ball Sané was already in a black training outfit.

a Voluntary early start of Sané in Munich

“It was very good to be back on the court and do my first workout. I’m overjoyed that I’m here,” said the 24-Year-old “”. imago images/Philippe Ruiz, Niklas Süle and Leroy Sané, a common drive unit

It is a voluntary early start of Sané, for the Munich-based transfer of just under 50 million Euro as the Base transfer fee to Manchester City. First, it was said that the former Schalke until next Monday with the Rest of the team, which is currently the second week of their 13-day holiday, gets into the joint Cyber Training. But why lose time?

Sané: a Long time of suffering is now over,

in Front of a little less than a year, exactly at the 4. August 2019, had suffered Sané a cruciate ligament tear and after months of rehab, now only twelve minutes of Premier League in the legs. 22. June, the wing striker, 5:0 Manchester City against Burnley celebrated his Comeback with a Joker used. The move to Bayern was then fixed at the beginning of July.

Sané encounters many old Acquaintances

After the signature of the contract up to 2025, the national team players (21 countries games, five goals), he was looking forward “to all”. Old Acquaintances, not only the peers Süle. “We have played together in the U-national teams, with Leon (Goretzka, Anm. d. Red.) I’ve played on Schalke together. These are all great guys. In General, you have said that in the whole of the team good guys are.” imago images/Philippe Ruiz First ball action for Leroy Sané in Munich

So not only the Generation of the future captain Joshua Kimmich plus Goretzka and Serge Gnabry. Sané: “I think we have here a very good Mix of experienced and young players. All of are very hungry. And that’s why I’m looking forward to everything and can’t wait to train with the team.”

duty game debut for the Bavarians have to

wait After the end of the cyber training days and a series of three Corona-Tests (starting next Monday), it is then in a little more than a week. While the inside defender Süle, who was already in the DFB Cup finals against Bayer Leverkusen (4:2) again for the first time in the professional squad for his Comeback during the continuation of the because of the Corona pandemic broken the Champions League season (at the 8. August rises coached the eighth-final second leg against Chelsea), may Sané will be in the king class is not yet used. New Superstar of FC Bayern: Leroy Sané. Photo: FC Bayern Munich/dpa Abendzeitung München

But when Sané will be able to for the first time, wearing his Jersey with the number “10”, the Philippe Coutinho, who will be giving the end of his loan in August, in a game? Bayern want to ride in front of the Chelsea-Match, a test match opponents, location and time are still unknown. Questionable whether Sané while playing for the Triple-dream will be at the “Final8″tournament in Lisbon in the process.

The date for his first competitive game as Bayern Pro, however, is foreseeable. Due to the delayed start of the season, the second of September, comes the first weekend (11.-14-9.) with the first round of the DFB Cup in question, the DFL-Supercup against Vice-champion Borussia Dortmund was on the 30. September placed. The Cup draw is rising on the 26. July. Then Sané knows debut the place to be (long awaited) of Bavaria.

This article was written by Patrick Strasser

Manuel Neuer sings in Croatia-holiday song from extreme right-wing scandal-Band PCP Manuel Neuer sings in Croatia-holiday song from extreme right-wing scandal-Band

  • do not stop The speculation about David Alaba. The defensive star of Bayern Munich has extended his contract still. the Now Ex-coach Pep Guardiola lures. With the successful repeal of the Europe lock, has ManCity suddenly good arguments.
  • The International court of arbitration for sport Cas has lifted the lock from Manchester City. Uefa had punished the Team by coach Pep Guardiola due to the breach of Financial fair play. the The verdict is a scandal, this clearly shows how powerless the European football Association. A Comment.
  • The holiday video of Manuel Neuer makes for powerful headlines, because the goalkeeper is singing in it, apparently, a song with an extreme-right Background. In Croatia, the song “Lijepa li si” is a second national anthem. the However, the singer “Thompson” comes from the right corner.

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