for the fifth Time in the Yacht-Club Bad Wiessee has received the blue flag, an award for environmental protection.

Bad Wiessee – fun of the Sport and the protection of the environment, the Yacht-Club Bad Wiessee Hand-in-Hand. Already for the fifth Time, the Yacht Club has the blue flag, one of the most well-known environmental awards, as an international environmental icon for the areas of water quality, environmental communication, environmental management and Service / safety of the “Foundation for Environmental Education” and the German society for environmental education presented as the only Yacht Club in the whole of Bavaria. The Wiesseer are the most eco-friendly sailing club in the free state.

“We are delighted that our commitment to environmental protection is to be honoured with such a high profile and international award,” says Peter Kathan, Chairman of the Yacht Clubs. “And, of course, we are committed to continue this level of Environmental protection in our Club to maintain and further develop.”

in 1971 the Association founded on the Western shore of the Tegernsee lake and is allowed to hoist the flag this year, now back in his rides. However, only so long as the criteria for the award are met. This is not the case, must remain the flag on the Bank. That does not happen, for environmental and port consultant Peter Schmidt is responsible. “We place great value on environmental protection and sustainability, and strive to preserve our nature,” he says. So even in 2021, it can blow the blue flag at the Tegernsee.