The biggest fears before the restart of the Bundesliga didn’t come from the security forces or virologists. No, criticism it rained, in particular by physiotherapists and exercise scientists.

How about Urs Granacher, head of the Department for training and movement science at the University of Potsdam in advance warned: “If you had several weeks no enemy contact, and him in the small groups have not, then this can lead to the end of the day, the injury increases the risk in spite of good Fitness.” The Top games on Saturday, EXCLUSIVELY on Sky (display)

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Holger Broich, fitness coach of FC Bayern Munich, wrote in a guest post for the “kicker” however: “of Course we know how negative also fairly short inactivity phases, the physiological impact is logically on the function and the building material exchange.” But Broich looked at the “Cyber-Training” as sufficient to get through the difficult time.

Bundesliga restart: Show the Numbers really increased injured rate?

so What is the fact after five Corona is now in-game days full of tackles, dribbles and Sprints? Give me the Numbers, really, what was feared?

We have searched all of the injured data from the Bundesliga, season, and aggregated. The data of the football platform “ come from”. First, all the injuries, all clubs were counted within each of the 25 match days. Following a distinction between serious injuries and minor injuries was.

statistics is a own survey. Official Figures from the DFL to do this, there is not, so far at least. In addition, it’s important to note that parts of the listed violations can also be in the Training happens. A differentiation could not be made in this case. imago images/Matthias Koch, fear not joined fortunately, scenes like these that Cologne Rafael Czichos off injured must be worn, not to have heaped on the contrary,

In more severe injuries such a broken bone or ankle joint injury, fall. So the vast majority of injuries that must be treated surgically, and multiple weeks.

Lighter injuries are minor complaints, or strains, which are usually healed within a week or a few days.

Two injuries per round less there was after the re-start

So it was back to the start to 25 days of play a total of 317 of the injury. Of these, 165 were attributable to severity and 152 minor injuries. After the reboot, we count days 29 heavy and 24 light, for a total of 53 violations of the five previously performed the game.

it translates this to a single round, to a: 12,68 injury per round to March, beginning in may are of 10.6 injuries per round after again. So there was, on average, two injuries would be less. Bundesliga free watch (display)

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see The same picture emerges for the 18 Bundesliga clubs. Each club had prior to the restart, an average of 17.6 injuries in 25 Games. This would correspond to 0.7 of players missing per game. Since the Ball is rolling again, there’s only 0.6 of a player per game.

Werder Bremen has hit particularly frequently caught

Particularly hard, it has in the Rest of the SV Werder Bremen. Florian Kohfeldts Team had been 33 injuries to endure. Interesting: After rebooting, Hertha BSC, with eight injured people at the very top of a list nobody wants to lead.

About the least injured of the table was ironically the last to complain. Steffen Baumgart was almost no to create from the Full, finally, there was at SC Paderborn only nine of the injuries; after the re-start even at all. imago images/Team 2 Philipp Max (FC Augsburg, r.) increases, Karim Bellarrabi (Bayer Leverkusen) on the feet – a total of such scenes come after the restart of the Bundesliga rare before

as far as the statistics. However, the lower the number of games the greater the Chance for aggressive football, especially in the Abstiesgkampf. Four games remain, and these include some of the direct duels in the Bundesliga. So about Mainz and Augsburg, Union and Paderborn or Bremen and Köln will meet.

spirit of setting cools the emotions from

any Soon-to-be Relegated could start, the closer it gets to the end of the season, often times the tackle than before. When Teams have their backs to the wall, expect a härterte gait – no unknown patterns in the past.

in addition, it should be taken into account, that the spirit setting takes influence on Emotion, and thus, indirectly, the degree of aggressiveness. The possibility that a game is boiling over is reduced by the lack of audience simply.

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