it is In the guest room of the Tutzing Midgard house, the old wooden ceiling is from the second half of the 19th century. Century reemerged. “There’s eight layers of paint were determined,” says restorer Max Knidlberger.

Tutzing – A layer of paint after the other has removed a restorer Max Knidlberger. “We have put the original colour again,” he says proudly and looks up to the wooden Tutzing Midgard house, Dating from the second half of the 19th century. Century dates back to. It was a linseed oil paint. In the course of time, the various users of the Villa have been painted again and again over her.

clear Progress are Also externally on the Midgard house are now visible. In mid-October, the former owner Fritz Häring had finished its operation after approximately 30 years all of a sudden, since then, the restaurant was closed on the lakeshore. For the rebuild with the tenant, Augustinian, as well as the new hosts Alexander and Michael Urban, there was longer a need for clarification. Longer it was unclear whether it would work with the Augustinians at all.

For this case, the Urbans had a Plan B: they would have searched with Fritz Häring together a solution. But now, progress is obvious. Since Pentecost, the beer garden is open even in moderate weather. Usually guests are, even if not all the tables are occupied.

in addition, gates are, meanwhile, more builders and restorers at work. Also a delayed on-site visit with representatives of the state office for monument conservation has taken place in the meantime. Not least there was this opportunity to finally reach an agreement on the color of the exterior paint, which should be based if possible on the historic Original. According to preliminary investigations by the office for care of monuments by Thomas Hackl Berger in Utting the tray have tried of people in a lot of detail work to find out what the historical stock parts still exist or re-emerge can be brought. The middle part of the building originates from the year 1860, says restorer Knidlberger, a cultivation of 1880. Well three months have lasted the restoration work, and next week he hopes to be able to quit.

+ Pleased with the progress of the Work: Alexander Urban, one of the new owners of the Tutzing Midgard house, which is currently being renovated.©Stefan Shoe Bauer from Jena

Knidlberger loves his work. “Each monument is on its way,” he says, “there are always unique items.” On the walls of the guest room now, suitable to the historical ceiling, half height wooden panelling attached. The visit to the preservationists, the start signal for the final sprint was. A scaffolding is gone this week. On the terrace, a wall has been removed. On a porch, the Windows that were previously attached on the front to withdraw, with the help of a special construction, so that the columns come back stronger to the fore.

“Looks great,” enthuses the host Urban. Is currently working mainly on the future Restaurant on the ground floor with a kitchen, technical facilities and toilets in the basement. The upper floors will eventually come off. There’s a apartment is provided. For the Restaurant date of the official opening in mid-July. Before that, the new owners are planning, if all goes well, a test hole with a small offer, and how you hope the not-too-high expectations of the guests. But when the insofar as it will be, you’re not sure yet.

The beer garden they had achieved the desired date of Pentecost, to be animated with the naming of the Urban, the local councils of spontaneous applause was a rare event. At his new place of work, he feels visibly well-being: “a Dream, if I’m early to five here, and the beaver floats.” Many of his former regulars of the andechs monastery Inn would now like to Tutzing.

Lorenz Goslich

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