farewell to a quiet Servus? This is not exactly the way two Rhenish makers go to retire. “Don’t talk to me. Make!“ – quotes the press-Crew of the Messe Düsseldorf and their chief, Werner Dornscheidt, the today is his last day of work. Responsible for the world’s largest boat show, he goes into retirement after 33 years in the same company. It also goes to Jürgen Tracht, adopted on the same day, just a few kilometres up the Rhine in Cologne, Germany, after a third of a century as managing Director of the Federal Association of water sports solemnly.

Without the two managers of the German water sports industry would not be what it is today: a major global market and marketplace in the boat. Both have built their network from the Rhine and maintained. Also, your tenacity, it is thanks to you that the once modestly launched at boot Düsseldorf is the largest fair of all for almost all kinds of water sports.

The new exhibition-in-chief Wolfram Diener © Messe Düsseldorf / Andreas Wiese Float magazine Young Trio continues

tungsten servant moves to the top of the Messe Düsseldorf. Since 2018, he is the operating managing Director at Messe Düsseldorf, 1. In July he takes over the presidency of the Board of management. He can show New. After the well is 12,000-square-metre hall 1 was put into operation, will be completed this year, the new South entrance with a 20-Meter-high and 7,800 square feet of canopy.

“fair, this is my life”, says Dornscheidt. As to joining the company in 1987 at the Messe Düsseldorf, the trade fair for the first time, 100,000 visitors. He has shaped the Düsseldorf trade fair: your company’s strategy and its international orientation, he has to answer in almost 17 years as Chairman of the Board of management to be essential. The foreign share – about all of the exhibitions and exhibitors in Düsseldorf rose from 58 % to 73,4 % of the visitors from 34 % to 37.1 %.

More Numbers? 2004 Dornscheidt took over the management of the company at a yield of 6.4 % and 34.4 % equity ratio, it is said of the fair. The yield last increased to 14.8 %, the equity ratio to 66 %. The last full fiscal year under his leadership, the castle, the fair, with a turnover increase of 28.7% on 378,5 million euros. In the previous year it was € 294 million.

Even if the current framework for Event-organizers are rosy at all, the CEO of the company in the best of hands: “The team is already working on a reboot and developed further digital supplements”, just as the boat industry digital re-invents the.

Werner Dornscheidt © Messe Düsseldorf / Andreas Wiese Float magazine Successful network on the Rhine

As a non-wearer of the boot Düsseldorf for the industry, the connection to the boat show on the river Rhine is traditionally closely – however, even before the guide by Werner Dornscheidt, and Jürgen Tracht, who, as a member of the boat-Messerats the ear of the industry. And the show creators have always had a feeling for Trends – and for their audience and effective presentation.

A water motorcycle, presented in 1975, in the hall © Messe Düsseldorf Float magazine

As Jürgen Tracht, in 1987, the management of the BVWW took over, had the Federal Association of the water sports industry 230 members. Today there are around twice as many. The BVWW, developed costume, to a powerful industry Association and the voice of the industry in Germany. And also to the policy and the state and Federal authorities, most recently in the never-ending visions of the renovation of congestion when ailing waterways.

Two of his economic successes, the introduction of the driving licence of freedom for Charter boats on the popular waters and the increase in the license limit for motor boats from 5 to 15 PS.

New at the top of the industry Association BVWW is Karsten Stahlhut © BVWW Float magazine

Karsten Stahlhut is his successor at the head of the industry Association. The 42-year-old is a qualified economist with a focus on Marketing and tourism, and water sports. In Bad Pyrmont, he was managing Director of the local tourism GmbH, since 2010, for the strategic development of the site to a Wellness and health Resort responsible. Our in-depth interview with Karsten Stahlhut on float will follow soon.

On the question of whether he’ll stay in the industry, has Jürgen Tracht, by the way, a clear answer: “Everything has its time. Sometime it is enough.“ He now sails with friends, in the Baltic or other Northern areas.

This article was written by Stefan Gerhard

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