about a week Ago, the Turkish Federation President Nihat Özdemir announced that it is to the Opening of the transfer window at the 3. August will announce the spending limits of the Turkish Süper Lig clubs. Now. Nothing happened on the 3. August. For better understanding: Since the 3. August must go to the clubs in the Süper Lig actually shopping again. Without the Info, how much money you actually spend. So, as you would go to the Department store, lovely things to choose, but the Bank says to the cashier, how much Limit on the credit card. Or whether there even is a Limit. Exclusive: The Europa League on DAZN (display)

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see, Therefore, that it was on Monday no transfer of messages. On 4. August, the Association of out advanced the spending limits, then finally, offset but with the content of the message, many of the clubs in a state of shock. So Fenerbahce, the potters to a large break may spend, for the entire professional squad, including coaching staff, 18.8 million euros. 18.8 million euros for salaries and transfer fees – both old and new players and coaches included. The club out sent on Tuesday a press release and said it was a “nonsense”. You give Fenerbahce has no Chance of action, since the current squad is the 18.8 million Euro to a global beat. The club threatens, according to the “TRT” with the exit from the TV contract, as well as with the withdrawal from the League.

‘t Relegated in the sense of justice

Fenerbahce really wanted to imagine these days, the new coach Erol Bulut, but the native of Bad Schwalbach has to wait until he gets a contract. New staff may not report to Fenerbahce until it is below the limit line. In the process, Bulut would have to work today rather than tomorrow to start, because the output limit of the Turkish Association has introduced at the beginning of last season, in order to control the finances of the ailing clubs, is not the only Surprise it gave by the Association. Since a week, the clubs know now that you have completed 34, but 40 League games. In the season, which begins in six weeks.

The Turkish Association announced last week that it had abolished the descent for the season 2019/20 in the short hand. Yeni Malatyaspor, Kayserispor and Ankaragucu – the three clubs, usually in the new season in the 2. League would have had to play, stay inside. With Hatayspor, Erzurumspor and Fatih Karagümrük there are three ascenders – power in the settlement: 21 clubs. The Association justified the step, so that the Corona pandemic have made the club unexpectedly, and that one must act in the interests of justice. Association boss Özdemir also said how much he was touched that all the clubs are behind the decision. Closed, no exceptions.

clubs to your squad enlarge

on the evening announced, will be Trabzonspor’s President, Ahmet Agaoglu, that you do not understand the decision of the Association. Of because closed. Hard to believe that Trabzon is the exception, because an increase in the club number brings virtually no benefits. The already shrinking TV money now has to be between more clubs to split. However, the next Problem begins, because the TV partners beIN Sports was inaugurated by the Association. “This is not the kind of thing you just decide so. This presents us with big problems,” says beIN-Sports-Turkey-in-chief Saad Saleh Al-Hudaifi. On the transmitter, higher costs, although you actually wanted to do just the opposite. Tip of the Sport-editorial office

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rumours that the Qataris want to sell your rights anyway completely, stubbornly. However, a buyer will be found for in the tight financial world in Turkey hardly, since the football business and profit is currently really profitable. Many of the sponsors are government, donors, from the free market economy keep their spending within limits. The new main sponsor of the record-Champions Galatasaray pays almost four million Euro in the year. Alone, the salary of Superstar Falcao is more than six million euros. The club, which wanted to shrink due to financial problems, their squad will not need to upgrade, especially since you are “English weeks” in the Süper Lig more used. Add games, Cup games, Euro games Cup and the League needs to be put in the middle of may to the end of the to play the EURO 2020, in which Turkey will participate.

Malatyaspor would like to thank policy for gift

While the scheduler and clubs to ponder, welcome to the club, must now descend yet. Remarkably often you would like to thank the policy. In the case of Kayserispor you even went as far as to the famous castle of the city, countless banners, with appropriate Acknowledgements to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Minister of sport Muharrem Mehmet Kasapoglu. Also at Malatyaspor President Adil Gevrek thanked the policy for the gift. The sports Minister was sitting at the negotiations with the clubs and the Association at the table, you could values as well as the intervention of politics in the Sport. Elsewhere the provided for an exclusion from the FIFA.

However, the intervention could even be larger. Bursaspor, Champions from the year 2011, has failed in the past second season of the League of third parties, but in the Playoffs. The club now wants to Lig also entitled to a place in the Süper. In the same way as Playoff Finalist Adana Demirspor, the failed in the final of Fatih Karagümrük. The club sent the deputies of their town in the lane, in order to make pressure on the bandage, however, the TFF says: “The season will be played with 21 Teams.” The same Association had rejected a few weeks ago the abolition of the descent categorically, and now back down had to make. Played the season so well with 22, 23 or 24 teams? So really you can’t trust the Roast.

what is Clear is that the Süper is Lig in front of a difficult season. Lack of financial means, many games, and a pandemic, which leaves everything in the dark. A Lockdown and an interruption of the playing operation should come in the Süper Lig, would make the League increase in a complete Disaster, because then Turkey would have no Chance of all the game days to play through, and the Chaos would be perfect. Oh, Yes: four weeks Ago, the Süper announced to Lig that the immigration rules will be changed, and that it is likely to play only eight foreigners at the same time. Thus, the Turkish youth should be strengthened. Because it fits so well: The scheme was first placed on ice. After Juve-championship Ronaldo presenting the next luxury sports car PCP After Juve-championship Ronaldo presented to the next luxury-sports car