Breu wanted to leave at the end of the season, TSV buchbach after more than ten years, and the Fc Töging connect. Whether it happens as planned, don’t know, the 31-Year-old.

the book of Bach–The Ball rests in the Bavarian Amateur football, at least until the beginning of September – as difficult as it is annoying Situation for all of the Kicker. Even more complicated, it is, of course, for all players who want to leave at the end of the season, the current club. One of them is the book Bacher, Thomas Breu, wants to switch to the new season for the land-division side FC Töging is.

Thomas Breu “I am sitting between all chairs”

“In this Situation, you are sitting between all chairs”, says the 31-Year-old. There are in the summer transfer window, and what are the procedures for a change? Among many unanswered questions, the topic of club exchange is particularly hotly debated. Breu: “hanging in the air, yet no one knows whether the season can really be finished. The most important thing is that we can all play football ever again. In the worst Situation, the player, whose contract expires and no new club, or players that want to switch, because they are with their Clubs in the Clinch are, of course,.“

Also at TSV buchbach whereabouts is conceivable

no-change window Comes up, go on it in the autumn, in the book Bach. Breu: “That, for me, is not the end of the world, I’ve always played like in the books and Bach, this is my club, I return again and again. I switch only because I can no longer operate the effort for the regionals, and because I want to have more operating times.“ So it would be no torment for him, if it were in a book stream more. “On the other hand, I am also looking forward to new experiences. Since I can safely speak for Stefan Denk, who will leave for the same reasons, book Bach.“

“a goodbye would hurt you”

Currently, a solution with a removable window in the Winter, so with the consent of the issuing Association seems most likely. That would be ideal? Breu: “As I said, the most important thing is that it’s all about this year more. A perfect solution there is not safe in this Situation. The approval of book of Bach I would have in this case. But then my last game would have been ten years in the accounting stream of the game against Eichstätt, as I am in March of 90 minutes on the bench sat. So you do not hurt the farewell necessarily, did that already. Bottom line, I could live with the re-start but with two solutions, both with the injunction remaining in the book of Bach, as well as with the change to toeging.“