A page turns in the capital. Symbol of ambition overflowing in the Paris Saint-Germain version qatari at the time of his arrival in 2012, Thiago Emiliano da Silva (35 years old) will no longer be parisian next season. According to the information of the newspaper The Team, the brazilian defender has not been offered contract extension, after eight years of loyal service. First loved and then abused, Thiago Silva has left an indelible mark on Paris Saint-Germain. Back on an eventful adventure.

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The “best defender in the world”

In the summer of 2012, Paris Saint-Germain invites you into a new dimension and performs a double transfer history driven by his sporting director Leonardo : Thiago Silva arrives from AC Milan, alongside his team-mate Zlatan Ibrahimovic under the guidance of his former coach Carlo Ancelotti. Presented by the president of the Paris Saint-Germain, Nasser al-Khelaïfi as ” the best defender in the world “, he signs a contract with a duration of five years for a transfer valued at 42 million euros and becomes the player the most expensive in the history of the League 1. A reputation built in Italy, under the shirt of the Rossoneri and is justified by three seasons of dazzling in Lombardy, punctuated by a champion (2011). Symbol of the ambition nascent and appetite full of this new PSG, Thiago Silva reveals himself as the new boss of the defence, picks up the captain’s armband and enjoys a privileged relationship with its leaders.

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On the field, criticism is unanimous. Supporters parisiens are quickly dazzled by its performance. End technically, faultless in the air, own to the stimulus and with an aura unmatched, Thiago Silva literally flies over the League 1. In eight seasons at PSG, the central defender brazilian won no less than seven titles of champion of France (while the PSG contained only two before his arrival), five Vials of the League, four cups of France and seven Trophies to the champions. Yet, despite this track record, mind-blowing, a scar will forever burn in the adventure of the parisian of the Monstro : its failures to repeat in the big meetings of League of champions. A symbol of renewal in 2012, he played badly in 2020 the many failings of the club in C1.

Thiago Silva and curse european

After the fiasco of Brazil 2014 World Cup punctuated by the crying of Thiago Silva during the match against Chile (1-1, t. a. b. 3-2) and Colombia (2-1), the image of the best defender of the world is tainted. Too emotional, too sensitive, the undisputed master of the Paris Saint-Germain and the Seleção loses its superb. The Paris Saint-Germain, the descent into hell of Thiago Silva starts on the 8th of march 2017, when the PSG collapses-literally-at the Camp Nou at the famous remontada de Barcelona (6-1). Overwhelmed by the emotion and the pressure of the big appointments for you, O Monstro does not have shoulders wide enough to take up this evening the status of captain, and sign a fiasco of legendary, which will continue to haunt him until the end of his adventure in paris. Eliminated logically by the Real Madrid the following year (2-1), the ghosts of the parisians brought in 2019 with the episode Manchester United. In his den at the Parc des princes, Paris is humiliated for no reason in front of a team C of the Red Devils (1-3). Finally, at its last outing at Dortmund (2-1), Thiago Silva is too easily left on top of the promising young Erling Haaland, revealing its new weaknesses. A delivery which no doubt sounded the death knell of his parisian experience.

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since many hold that two of the most beautiful european games carried out by the PSG have played without him the last few years (the 4-0 against Barca and 2-0 against Dortmund). But, the european course of Thiago Silva is also marked by the benefits XXL, against Chelsea, Belgrade or Liverpool for example. Don’t forget that he has often been one of the top two or three Parisians in a good number of games of C1. However, in recent months, a wind of change was blowing in the cloakroom of the Paris Saint-Germain. Soon 36 years, Thiago Silva is logical, therefore, pushed towards the exit by the rise of Marquinhos, the return in the form of a Presnel Kimpembe or the outbreak of Tanguy Kouassi.

A new era

At the approach of the end of his career, the native of Rio and his huge salary (about € 1.5 million monthly) will therefore have to find a new challenge. May be to Fluminense, his former club (2006-2008), of which he recently became a socio. May be to AC Milan, who never really recovered from his departure. But before that, there will be first of the two cup finals, the League Cup in the face of the OL, and then the French Cup against the AS Saint-Étienne. And most importantly, it will have a final opportunity to score in the most beautiful ways the history of the PSG by propelling it on the roof of Europe, he who has never exceeded the stage of the quarter-finals of the champions League.

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After Edinson Cavani, scorer of the history of the club, so that’s a second player in history of Paris Saint-Germain version qatari is going. In the City of Light, the time of the renewal. And by bringing back Leonardo last summer, the emir of Qatar wanted to ensure that difficult choices are made. Load Marquinhos, Kimpembe, Mbappé and others to write a more beautiful story in the years to come. A new era at Paris Saint-Germain.

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