Everything happens ! Even Qatar is close to its sub. The Paris Saint-Germain, which was the rain and the beautiful time on the transfer market has calmed down. The mercato summer has been quiet. Very quiet. Too quiet for some tastes. Our generous soul leads us to give free advice that will pay big dividends : without coach, and give the keys to players.

It’s good to dig the meninges, it is difficult to see the interest that may have a coach in this team-there. In this club there. Since the beginning of the era QSI (2011), five coaches have succeeded. There was the acting : Antoine Kombouaré, not enough glitz for the new ambitions of the club. Then came the teacher : Carlo Ancelotti, not fast enough to ” dream bigger “. Then the aesthete : Lawrence White, not bright enough on the european stage. Subsequently, the man with the iron fist : Unai Emery, not credible enough after the remontada. Finally, the “Deutsche Qualität” : Thomas Tuchel, still not fired, already in difficulty. Five different profiles, but always the same sensation : the coaches have very little power over their players.

At PSG, we don’t put 400 million euros on the bench

it is clear that, since the arrival of Neymar and Mbappé, this is even more true. Our two star(lette)s are doing what they want, not follow any instructions and allow themselves to stand up to their coach (one is reminded of the wrath of Mbappé against Tuchel, guilty of a crime of lèse-majesté : a dare to replace it). Tuesday, against Manchester United, the French international has delivered a performance unworthy of his rank : no replacement, no imagination, not of simplicity. As often for almost a year. Neymar, he has played for himself. Almost as always. The logic would have wanted a coach with a little power does not play one of the two players, with the excuse of diplomatic game every three days. But at PSG, we don’t put 400 million euros on the bench for 90 minutes ! Against Dijon, Neymar then Mbappé (PSG led already 2-0 when the nugget as the French entry) were there and shined. End of the story.

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Leonardo does not like the coaches ; it would be ; Nasser despises his coaches ; he has ” god ” for his players.

the authority of The PSG does not exist. Leonardo does not like the coaches ; it would be ; Nasser despises his coaches ; he has ” god ” for his players. The institution has never supported those supposed to hold on to power : Serge Aurier has been able to insult Lawrence White in a sequence chicha remained famous without being sanctioned. Thomas Tuchel has learned to its cost during the mercato : he wanted a central defender, he had… everything except a central defender. Only fun for him – as has been noticed ingeniously our colleagues, The Team put the defensive midfielder Danilo Pereira is recruited by Leonardo… in central defence. It was revenge that you can.

in the opinion Of all, the German coach, finalist of the champions League there are barely two months, is on an ejection seat. In delicacy with financial fair play, PSG could return to a practice very popular in the 1970s and 1980s : the player coach. Two profiles for the price of one. It would not beautiful the life ?

writing will advise you

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