At the exact game plan is still being tinkered with. But the summer seems to be for culture lovers, in because home saved. 26 theatre-evenings of 12. Of July to beginning of September on a small open-air stage on the great highland hall is planned. Motto: “Teatro Coronato”.

because the home can be A crisis paralyze you. Or makes them creative. For Andreas Arneth, the head of the Weilheimer city theatre, is apparently the Latter. As reported, wants to build the stage designer and theatre-maker for this Corona-the summer an open-air stage in the courtyard next to the great highland hall. Now, the key data is fixed, and there is also an original name – the Arneth caution is half the same time, protect: In the “Teatro Coronato” to 12. July to early September 26 ideas to take place. Around 30 to 50 viewers can be.

The city theatre, go to the fresh air. “If all goes well, the regulations of the authorities allow, and the summer is coming, then everything can be nice, in the small Teatro Coronato’ in Weilheim,” says Arneth. Meals (self-service), there will be, prepared from the family Drexl, the hosts of the town hall.

Two in-house productions, and several guest appearances

before he gives the exact game plan known, wants to wait for the theatre-in-chief the latest regulations of the state government. Games are scheduled two comedies in their own production, as well as several guest what, the Arneth reveals for the time being, but just come along:
– “a musical piece with bunnies (Big and Small”);
– “it’s a very funny one-person piece, with a employees of the public theatre of operations”;
– “a one-act Comedy by Anton Chekhov”;
– “a Bavarian views of the most famous gangster couple in America”;
– “a small literary-musical Revue, which fits correctly to the current disaster”;
– and “finally, something in a lustigerer literary views of death, in which the guitar will not be silent”.

Also, cabaret is offered

guitars and other plucked instruments, will provide Arneth, according to the way “several times for lovely evenings”. And also cabaret will not be missing in the program. The in-house productions to provide each of several nights, the majority of the guest appearances in Double vision. Seat reservations will only be online and by telephone. The exact game plan, the procedures for the reservation and the “measures taken to comply with the infection protection law” will be known Arneth at the end of June.

“Teatro Coronato,” so muses the organizer, “it could mean: the theatre, with the crown on the head or bekröntes theatre, or even (of success) – winning theatre.” And one thing is clear to him already: “We all need this now!”

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