For Thorsten Stoner, head of Department at TSV Alling, is a Restart in September due to the holiday makes sense. Also in the youth field some questions.

Alling – This is the number of reads is more than impressive. A good quarter of the Allinger works in the local sports club. So the Association designed the life of the congregation not only athletically, but also socially, with many events. Here is far beyond the municipal boundary, the well-known “Wiesn-Countdown”. How this year will look like, however, is still unclear.

Stoner: this year, no Wiesn-Countdown

“The Wiesn-Countdown, there is this year in the usual Form due to the Corona-pandemic certainly not,” said the football head of Department, Thomas Stoner. The players organize for the last two decades of the Event. Think about what could be instead on the legs. The summer festival was in the planning of the club for this year in mid-July, has also been cancelled already.

Than if they had guessed in advance, so the players this time, not at the end of the preparation phase on the back of the round start based their training camp at lake Garda, but already at the beginning of February. But hardly had the circle class kicker were back on the home site and wanted to prepare intensively for the rest of the program with twelve Games and related classes of stops, made by the free state prescribed the Corona-still all sporting ambitions destroyed state.

pothead: restart at 1. Of September due to a holiday is meaningless

“at the Beginning we have not believed that there would be such a long interruption,” said Stoner. To the seriousness of the situation, I don’t want to believe so really. “But that something would happen was all of us, ultimately, clear, also due to the many reports from other countries.” The decisions of the Bavarian football Association (BFV), to continue the season, keeping Thomas Stoner for the sporty fairest solution. “So for me it was actually clear that it will not enter the season 2020/2021,” he says. With a restart at 1. In September, he expects, however. “That would be honest, a nonsense said. Thus, the preparation and the games fell into the midst of the holiday season. We have many students that would all be in holiday. I think a Start in the 1. October makes more sense.“

After a recent meeting with the Department Committee, the TSV have officials decided, for safety’s sake, on 1. To start with the preparation. “The Association I wish me an early statement to start the season with at least six weeks in advance, so that you can plan the preparation properly and can pull,” says Stoner. This week, the Association declarations send out to the adults and all parents of the youth players, when and under which corona-induced limitations, it then goes off again.

Stoner: it Could be difficult to motivate the young players again

Also by the BFV to the winter mode-introduced exchange period, Stoner is not happy. “Even if that is not the same at the club the Problem,” says the head of the Department. Ensure he makes the youth in the club. “I’m really excited to see how it is after such a long stalemate will go on.” He could imagine that sometimes it might be difficult to motivate the young players of the youth down again. Because it would depend a lot on the parents, believes Stoner. After discussions with the A – and B-youth have breathed a sigh of relief. “Here, we have not found any negative effects.”

members and coaches support the club

Proudly reported pothead of the sports activities of the players in the men’s area during the pandemic. Everyone was able to make its activities individually. From Running, Cycling, sweating on fitness equipment, and even mountain to the messages of the players on the team’s internal Whatsapp group reported increase. “I am pleased that you have all pulled together and seriously.”

the members to keep the TSV Loyalty. Also, the sponsors. “Since we have heard even words of encouragement, like: don’t Worry, we are here.” Nevertheless, the Association is also active on his sponsors. “If anyone of you has problems, we will find a solution together. And even all of our trainers have dispensed during the pandemic on their expenses by themselves, reported Stoner. The youth trainers are the exception but. After all, “all of Which volunteer on-the-go. Since we are particularly proud of.“ (Dieter Metzler)