During the Games-press “The Last of Us 2” with the best ratings has showered, the barrage of bad Reviews on the part of many players. How good or bad the game really is?

“The Last of Us 2*” was expected this year of PS4 players with voltage. Of the press the game received top scores, but there are many players, there were negative reviews. How good the game really is?

After the first part of “The Last of Us” inspired the players of his time, were the expectations of the continuation of correspondingly large. A few days before the Release of the first reviews of the Games press, which awarded all of them excellent marks-mostly even the best of notes appeared. However, shortly after the game appeared, there was a wave of bad reviews from players – even if this not have a negative effect on the sales figures have been affected. How can the negative Reviews, explain?

“The Last of Us 2”: this is Why the game gets so many bad reviews

Many sites have already set up with this huge gap between press and User reviews apart. For the negative Reviews are called for several reasons . Apparently, thousands of people have left conspired to a so-called “ Review-Bombing ” – that is, after consultation bad marks on the review website Metacritic. Currently, the User Score 4.6 out of 10 (Stand 26 is located. June).

That these poor grades were already made shortly after the Release, shows, however, that the negative Reviews written in well – of , as nobody had been able to in this short time, the game to play through. Furthermore, in the run-up to the leaked Spoiler* would have also helped. In addition, the poor working conditions* must have taken the developer Studio Naughty Dog influence.

But such Reviews are difficult to take Seriously, since they say little about the game itself. the good or bad The Last of Us 2 is “” really?

“The Last of Us 2”: graphics and staging are terrific

+ “The Last of Us 2″©provides an atmospheric, apocalyptic game world.Naughty Dog

one thing most players agree On the graphics and staging from “The Last of Us 2” is nothing to suspend. The game doesn’t need to hide at a distance in front of titles like “Red Dead Redemption 2”. the Realistic facial features , animations and environments you will find in probably any other video game. The developers are creating a very oppressive and bleak post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

But the faint-hearted, players should be pre-warned: The depiction of “The Last of Us 2” is extremely brutal and can beat on the mind. In the staging of the cutscenes, the developers from Naughty Dog again deliver a cinematic presentation – this one is used to from “Uncharted 4”.

Legitimate criticism there is on Gameplay . “The Last of Us 2” is a continuation of the gameplay from the predecessor. Main character Ellie is sneaking through a dangerous world where you must, against the so-called “Infected”, as well as hostile people groups. For this you have to make do with objects and improvised equipment that you find on your way. the The big weakness of the AI the opponent is. Even on a higher difficulty this Ellie very much, although it is actually in their sight.

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“The Last of Us 2”: Story and characters columns of the players

+ The motivations of the characters in “The Last of Us 2” are for critics to understand.©Naughty Dog

But the main reason for the negative reviews is clearly the Story, and the characters , such as the User Reviews on Metacritic to. The critics of “The Last of Us 2” that history is all around, Joel and Ellie was full of logic errors and motivation characters not traceable . Also the ending was highly unsatisfactory: “The end leaves nothing behind, and worse yet, it tarnishes the legacy and the decisions of the first part,” – said in a Review. Other players do not agree, in turn, this criticism and keep “The Last of Us 2” for a successful continuation.

conclusion : PS4 players, which is atmospheric and Story-like-driven title, they should play “The Last of Us 2” is definitely not. Whether the story appeals to you, is up to you, we will be out of Spoiler reasons, not dwell. But graphically and dramaturgical there should be no doubt.

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