Soon will start the third and last season of the German Netflix series “Dark”. The Streaming giant released the Trailer for the new episodes.

“Dark” is one of the most successful German Netflix series. 27. June, the last season of the Mystery series. The Streaming service released the Trailer.

+++ warning, there follow spoilers for the first two seasons of “Dark”+++

With the Mystery series “the Dark” have Netflix and the producers struck a chord with many viewers. The dark time travel story, not mixed, just different levels of time with each other, but also reveals complex relationships* and, at last, even a completely different world. What sounds complicated, is it: Even with the help of family trees and a timeline, it would be difficult to follow the plot of “Dark” – but that’s kind of the appeal: to worry about how everything is connected, and to conclude how it will end.

Trailer for the Netflix series, “Dark”: Is now resolved finally?

3. Season, the on 27. June, will appear, will now put everything out in the open. From the very beginning, the writers planned a story that is told over three seasons – what hope, that the makers have put a really ingenious Plan. The Trailer that Netflix has released, is already promising.

these are the series Highlights, by 2020