The Bavarian tennis Association (BTV), the Start of point-round match postponed by a further week to the rear.

the district – such As the Association on its website announced that the summer round is now until Monday, 15. June, instead of as originally planned on 8. June start. The time window in which clubs teams from the betting game can log off, was therefore also about a week until Friday, 29. May be extended.

the Background to the decision signals from the pages of the Bavarian state government, that you could imagine a Start-up of competitive sport on the tennis courts from the middle of June. A final decision will fall on Tuesday. BTV-President, Helmut Schmidbauer, who plays for the men’s 65 of the TC likes to Linden in division two, ask the tennis players to be patient in the current situation. “We ask again to see that we can’t take the further developments of the pandemic and the decisions of the state government to anticipate and we need to respond for weeks in a very flexible way.”

Should make the requirements of the government of a competition game operation impossible or completely impractical, it is necessary to draw a complete cancellation of the point round into consideration. “For a transitional season to Bend and Break it,” says Schmidbauer.