TSV 1860 must keep track of the rise of races in the third League is now likely to be as a spectator. In the case of Viktoria Köln and the “lion” for the third Time, went in the last four games as losers from the square.

At 33. Round of the third division led the 1860 the away game at Viktoria Köln . After two home failures in a row “the lions were not able to convince” this time on strange Terrain. The Köllner-Team conceding the next Bust – and a further setback in the rise of fight. For more on this topic in our App.

Cologne/Munich – the 1860 in the season, the air out of the final sprint? It looks so, because for the second Time in a row, the lions remained scoreless, conceded the 0:2 (0:0) in the case of Viktoria Köln , the third Broke in the fourth game and couldn’t do it again, the obligatory 0:1 residue (the sixth in a row) to make a comeback to follow. Five games are still to come, but in the face of the Five-point gap on the relegation place (at the moment of Würzburg) and with still some chunks in front of the chest (including three Bavarian derbies), is likely to be difficult, once again in the rise of the battle report back. “We were not good enough tonight,” said coach Michael Köllner: “It’s a blue on a break of the last games. If you’re not a goal, is’s difficult.“

TSV 1860: protect the aid of the arch-rivals could not be used

Fast Köllner had on Monday with Bayern II for the help protect thanks to the 3:2 victory in Mannheim (“I like it when two clubs hold together”). On Tuesday, however, the “lions were made” on their own. Nothing more than a Threesome was one – even if the 1860’s wanted to Coach, know nothing of a final, and only spoke to the “lid” on the topic of classes, stop.

This project, the Köllner-Elf went on with a concentrated offensive power: At the end of the short-time work, it was time for Sascha Mölders (according to the yellow lock and the Joker, and use reluctantly) stood by his side in Stefan Lex and Prince Owusu two goal-scoring comrade-in-arms. Not 08/15, the occupation of back rows got: Aaron Berzel not received a breather, Quirin Moll stood in the first place in the 18-squad – the Chance for Kristian Böhnlein to prove himself for the second Time in a row at an away game in the West (the Ticker for further Reference).

1860 Munich loses at Viktoria Cologne: a “lion”-non-reliance

score A goal like the 2:1 victory in Düsseldorf against Uerdingen was not Böhnlein, as the lions ever did hard, dangerous in the Cologne penalty area to push. They put a lot of passion in their efforts, had the territorial advantage for a home team, alone: The gate was necessary because of the würzburg result (2:0 against FCK) is absolutely not wanted it to fall. Lex was a long shot to high – (3.), Owusu missed artist a Rieder-to-play (15.). A thicker, the Chance that the Victoria had been slowed, as the whimsical, wood-hamlet-Pass from the subducting Marco Hiller (32.). Conclusion at the break, An intense game, the (was still missing) the escalation.

Leon classes for Böhnlein wanted to put Köllner an Offensive masterpiece, but on a unrighteousness was leaving . You caught also in the sixth game of the Corona-weeks behind. Gottschling curled in from the right flank in front of the gate, the old warhorse Bunjaku (in November, he is 37) held the limp and looked satisfied, as the Ball found its way into the angle. Daniel wine, lowered his head. To come against a policewoman on the porno Bunjaku one step too late, however, happened quite the other against players. For the Kosovars it was already goal of the season No. 18.

Despite Köllners exchange-Orgy, the lions have not recovered from that impact hit. Wood hamlet by cheeky LOB to make it 2:0. it’s Probably for the blue rise of dreams know .