At TEV Miesbach the squad planning for the upcoming season to continue the journey. Also in the coach search, a decision is indicated.

Miesbach – After it has given at TEV Miesbach last week of the ice hockey upper League a rejection and thus to a rise of abandoned, run at the time the plans for the Bavaria League-season 2020/21 is in full swing.

the composition of the Bayern League has changed due to the cancellation of last season because of the Coronavirus, a lot. Since the national League Playoffs could not be played on rise of four Teams. The miesbacher supporters will be at the club from Ulm, Kempten and Amberg and Buchloe offers. As Landsberg and Passau have applied for the top League, we have the Bavaria League, there are expected to be made up of 15 Teams.

Amann in the land League

“We want to complete the player interviews soon. Thomas Amann has expressed thoughts, otherwise the squad will stay together as much as possible“, according to the Second TEV-Chairman, Stefan Moser. As reported, had said in the past few weeks, some service providers, such as, for example, Bobby Slavicek, Filip Kokoska, Anian appliance dorfer or Timon Ewert for the next time the course.

Not in Bayern’s League Thomas Amann will continue to play, however. The striker joins instead of the in-game community of Miesbach 1b, the TSV Schliersee, has managed in the spring the rise in the national League. The objectives of the TEV in the Bavaria League are set high, you want to defend his title as local and Bavarian champion.

coach search: Internal solution points to

In a nutshell, the managers want to be reported also in terms of the Trainer’s execution. Currently there is an internal solution is indicated after the success of coach Peter Kathan had made his office at the end of last season. “We have already for a long time, something in the back of the head, now we have to clarify the last Details,” explains Moser more.

can Also look forward to the preparation for the new season in September and October, the TEV-Fans at this point in time. So there will be, among other things, a comparison with the adjacent upper division team from Rosenheim, for example, the Valleyer Andreas Mechel is under contract. THOMAS SPIESL