On the weekend rushes by on an unusually large Asteroid on the earth – at least if it goes according to Plan. NASA warns, however, nevertheless.

On Saturday, an Asteroid rushes past earth. According to NASA, he is “potentially dangerous” – and quite a chunk. In the summer, we expect further significant visitors from the Depths of space.

Munich, – It is close to the weekend – at least in the dimensions of the universe! The Asteroid 163348 (2002 NN4) rushes past at our earth . The NASA has registered it already and rated it as a “potentially dangerous”.

In the case of the heavenly bodies, it is quite a handsome hunk. According to the “Center for Near-Earth Object Studies” is calculated to be the diameter to up to 570 meters . For comparison: The famous Empire State Building in New York City is only 381 high. A collision with the earth would be by no means desirable.

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the universe: XL-Asteroid rushes past earth – but don’t panic

But don’t panic! The to earth, the distance between the asteroid and our planet will be on Saturday still about 5.1 million kilometers . This is a little more than 13 times the distance between the earth and the moon . So there’s still a sufficient safety distance – in all probability. May the SpaceX astronauts on the ISS and the asteroid to the face. Your Start on the earth, you confused the TV viewers with a mysterious gesture in the space capsule.

A collision would have a significant impact. The Meteor that exploded over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk, according to estimates, only 19 meters in size. Nevertheless, thousands of buildings were damaged and about 1500 people injured.

asteroid close to earth: The closest major visitors from space

It’s not unusual for asteroids to the earth fly past. In June alone, the NASA expects the 25 asteroids passing by our Planet along. The largest celestial body of this is but be 163348 (2002 NN4) – so our guest on Saturday. In this respect, he is quite extraordinary.

Much scarcer than on Saturday, it was, as Asteroid 2020 HS7 visited us. The ESA calculated the distance in this case, only 42.0000 kilometers. But here, a collision would have been much less of a threat. He has a maximum diameter of eight meters. The next larger chunks of rock, we expect to see on a 24. June (2010 NY 65, up to 310 meters in diameter) and on 21. July (2002 BF 25, up to 220 meters in diameter) in the vicinity of earth. Both are then noise is even closer to us than in 2002 NN4.

The Asteroid 2009JF1 has set a course to earth and represents a potential danger. For the 6. May 2022, the impact threatens. That would be an absolute Disaster. The European space Agency ESA announced Details to list a Risk here, all the asteroids are under observation.

All-visitors, we wish you a good trip!