SpVgg Unterhaching loses after the home defeat against FC Ingolstadt, also in the case of SC Preußen Münster 1:2. Coach Schromm quarrels result and the referee.

Münster – travel to Münster can save you the SpVgg Unterhaching gradually. In the fourth attempt it started, Prussia, the fourth defeat in series. Coach Claus Schromm was able to take the 1:2-away broke barely: “It was crazy to lose a game”. The Hachinger criticism was also Enclosed in the direction of referee Luke. “There were multiple penalty situations, but not a decision for us,” complained Schromm”. Scorer Dominik Stroh-Engel was at odds with the Impartial: “Since I have to upset me in so many wrong decisions.”

Schromm must change starting lineup

After the 1:2 home defeat against Ingolstadt Schromm because of injuries and had to Lock must change his Formation. However, it was the furios started in Prussia stadium and the münster, a quarter of an hour, barely over the middle line. But it feels like ninety percent possession of the ball helped little because with two Counter scho, the company has increased the Hachinger: Lucas Cueto (16.) and Marco king (25.) set the course of the game completely on its head.

referee takes a penalty for Haching

After the break, the emotions have run high because of the Impartial took the 50. Minute, a penalty kick decision in favour of the Hachinger back. Coach Schromm tried with numerous Switch, to turn the tide. But his offensive forces dissipated their energies in münster defensive bulwark. Only Felix Schröter made it well: Through his long-range shot managed to Hachingern in the 77. Minute of the Goal. In the hectic final phase, it came to dramatic scenes in the penalty area of the Prussia, however, it was in the second Hachinger defeat in the series. KLAUS KIRSCHNER