The football Association discussed a lot of options. Unfortunately, he has chosen now for all. The Dieter Priglmeir regrets in his sports whispers to the weekend.

The Mediterranean centre of the tournament was in the 1980s, a great thing. The Erdinger football clubs played in a K. o. round of the city Cup. The final festival took place during the autumn-week. The Municipal stadium was full, and after the game we went over to the awards ceremony in the Foundation tent, where you learned the difference between moderation and, for good measure. This is a festival of football may well be a Comeback?

The schedule difficulty (the fall!) – you could get a handle on. Then the final fixed increases holding while a new event: the Winter-mind flood, the spring-to-go, Public Viewing in the new drive-in cinema at the empty Spa Parking, city tunnel opening game, The Long night, the brass band etc….

Why do we write here? Because of the Bavarian football Association has suggested that the point of competitions around free time with Cup and bridge tournaments. That sounds nice, because in the district we would have to Play in addition to the savings banks, the Raiffeisen-rally and the Weißbräu competitions perhaps the top thing Open, Eching Matches, the wood, country Highlights, the Taufkirchen-days, the Dorfen-Days, the wait Berger weeks and the Wörth-Worldcup. The only trouble is: The clubs and the players will have little desire. Or to say it with Olaf Scholz: all of This has the right oomph to Wake the players from their lethargy. Where to listen: The players are annoyed. Not only from the Corona-Virus that is to blame for everything, but also from the BFV.

we are Going back again in March. Season crash, or just a Pause of the Association have weighed the options, took also his clubs into the Boot (we found good). Unfortunately, the BFV then decided to pull all the available options: in adults, the current season will continue and the new the same time stress the demolition, however, in the young – but only in the juniors. Huh? Justification: Because’s don’t care for the girl anyway. Of course, the Association has formulated so. The competition was in the Junior a other. Huh? Huh? Who has coached both girls as well as boys already know: Okay, the social fabric of the Team may be a different (Let the girls never in the training game, the teams self-assemble if it is to have two equally strong Teams want to), but after a defeat are all equally stinky.

Stinky – which brings us back to the adult. The current perspective is the following: in the middle of July to the beginning of the six weeks of preparation, with the unpopular strength-endurance-units, but then only a few games in the autumn, as a season finale, in perhaps the cold of November is not reasonable for the audience. Then rather quickly, in the cosy winter break. Then again, six weeks of drudgery for the short season, the final sprint. In order to formulate it this way: Not every footballer in the lower Amateur level before, so his leisure time.

And what is that anyway for a first season of the BFV also has an additional exchange period built in?It is a season in which, for example, the descent vulnerable SC Kirchasch loses his player-coach Markus Weber, of the charge in the future for the competitors FC Eitting. Not a criticism of Weber, which has truly acquired enough merits for his hometown club. But the teams change. Of course, when FC Eitting, the need to probably do in addition to his player-coach Sebastian Pummer maybe even without his buddy and Bayern League colleagues Christoph Schenk and Marco Höferth,. Again back to the KSC: The may not be able to rely on his new Trainer, Alexander Bauer, but Alex Mrowczynski, gets FC Aschheim is no release. Other clubs have already announced that they will lose important players, want to look but now also for yourself how your squad can change. With the season 2019/20 no longer has to do so much.

the fun?”I currently have no desire,” says a player. The Team still has the best prospects on the rise. How like the go then the kickers, which are already in no-man’s land of the table?

football Department head, such as the old things Andreas Heilmaier do expect that you will lose players. In the adult, but much more still in the youth field. The clubs would like to have control about it. With its decisions the BFV makes it to the Clubs but not easy. How not to report a Club in the next four weeks, all the youth teams for the game operation, if he knows yet who he has available? He reports to many Teams, he has to pull back (and still a hefty penalty fee to pay). He is safe with less registered teams to get the boys and girls to a little game times and return to the Association the back. For performance-related big clubs (Bayern, Haching 1860, etc.), this is not a Problem – always get a motivated player for your squad. For our Clubs in the quadrature of the circle is similar to the. Since the BFV should have made his homework better.

That would be important to create a time window for the tournaments to come anyway.By the way: Already in the 1990s, the above-mentioned resources centre-the tournament was watered down by the fact that many teams have rested their best players. For the real point of the round. After all, it’s the season that counts!


The football Association has left the good way