The formula 1 Notkalender is becoming an increasingly intractable world Cup Puzzle. Not only the staging of the planned two races in Silverstone in July is still uncertain, the profound problems caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, ranging long from Singapore to the USA.

During the starting 5. July target double-opener at Spielberg, Austria’s government has not yet been confirmed, a more specific annual plan for the series to continue to wait. The driver, meanwhile, to spirit race ready, the Teams plan in advance-saving measures.

As the British newspaper “The Guardian”, citing a government source reported, the organizers of the home game by world champion Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone, and despite great efforts, so far, no derogation from the strict quarantine rules in England. The two races without spectators, according to the report for the 26. July and 2. August lit. A final refusal, there is not yet, however, the Corona measures of Prime Minister Boris Johnson for all the passengers after their arrival in England, is currently a two-week quarantine. The path to a solution seems to be currently difficult.

And this is also true for other Events such as the Grand Prix of Singapore. The local organizer closed for the spectacle in Asia is already a Ghost out of the race virtually. On the town of course this is not feasible, in addition, three months of preparation were necessary. The health authorities in the US state of Texas reported that major events until the end of the year are very unlikely. This threatens the Grand Prix in the United States on the 25. October the From. Due to the high Corona in Mexico and Brazil, racing events, 2020, Numbers play a minor role.

If any hazards may be, are the pilots to Hamilton and Ex-Champion Sebastian Vettel, at least, agree that the spirit of the race in the next few months are a necessary Evil. They were “a means to be able to previously get back on track to return, as in the racing audience. Therefore, all drivers can accept the prospect of driving in front of empty stands,“ said the head of the drivers Union, Alexander Wurz, the channel Sky Sports F1.

The 46-Year-old stressed that none of the pilots, and not to him personally, “is race a Fan of the spirit”. Nevertheless, had refused, as yet, no “to be ready”. No one had told Ex-driver Wurz, that it was wrong under these conditions as quickly as possible to compete in racing.

The first ten season were runs, cancelled or postponed, this weekend, it would be in Monaco for the first place gone. Now to the end of the year ideal 15-to-18 races take place yet. A Grand Prix in Hockenheim is in the conversation. Even now, the financial loss for all Concerned are enormous, and smaller teams could not survive the Corona of a crisis, if in the coming months, not back to Siege is driven.

As the British BBC and the magazine, reported Autosport, have agreed with the Teams on a reduction of the budget ceiling. You should have agreed on a Plan to lower the Limit of spending per Team and season from the originally planned 175 million US dollars (161 million euros) for the coming year, to 145 million US-Dollar (133 million euros). For 2022, and the period from 2023 to 2025, the upper limit to be reduced twice by a further five million US dollars.

The approval by the world Council of Motorsport world governing body Fia is only called a matter of form, it is according to the BBC. A spending limit has been discussed for years, the financial Hardship during the Corona-crisis has exacerbated the pressure but still.