Quo vadis, Sebastian Vettel? The future of the German formula 1 driver is still completely uncertain. Now there seems to be a new Option for the 32-Year-old.

The future of Sebastian Vettel* employs the formula 1 * continues to be strong. What the Team is after his Ferrari Off* at the Start? Now there seems to be a new Option.

Update from 26. May, 14.26 PM: Sebastian Vettel gets the next basket! Again, a team the four – time world champion and the says, because he is the world champion.

“I don’t think he wants four-time world champion back to the midfield,” says Haas team principal Guenther Steiner in the show “The F1 Show” at the British channel Sky F1. The Austrians can imagine the racers only at a top Team. The Haas Team took in 2019, a total of 29 championship points.

“If you have a successful career, you don’t want to go too big of a risk,” says Steiner , says honestly: “ I can’t pay for it “. Vettel will also compete for the U.S. Team on the Pedal. And Steiner says that without ever really thought about the offer of a contract with Vettel spoken. “I offered him a seat. I think someone else with much deeper pockets than I do,“ says Steiner, the sets currently on Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen .

Vettel’s future: rumor about new racing team is suddenly a legend could give him the Cockpit snatch

Update from 26. May, 9.05 PM: Sebastian Vettel From the formula 1 model racing Ferrari came to an abrupt end. The future of the pilot is now hotly debated. After Vettel’s From Carlos Sainz of Ferrari was committed. Because a place in the McLaren was now free, took up the Renault-Arm Daniel Ricciardo. Thus, Renault has re-place – perhaps for Vettel?

castling within the formula 1 is also the team bosses are aware of it. Cyril Abiteboul, of his character, the Renault Boss, spoke with Motorsport-Total.com and keeps covered, but knows that Vettel is available.

“We are still not a race and not even a Session hazards. Honestly, I don’t really know how competitive our car,“ said Abiteboul. And who starts alongside the Renault driver Esteban Ocon in the season 2021, could still be “some months” in the decision-making duration.

“We proceed from the fact that we are part of a second wave,” said Abiteboul on the driver merry-go-round. At Renault, to be traded alongside Vettel Fernando Alonso. Alonso was in Renault in 2005 and 2006 world champion.

Sebastian Vettel/formula 1: a Surprising idea – Has he found a new team already?

initial notification by the 24. May:

Munich – what is the future of Sebastian Vettel ? After his surprising From Ferrari* a lot of speculation about the future of the German formula 1 drivers *. Vettel supporter, Helmut Marko was recently clear, the edge is not “going to do, in any case, any medium-class team”. Without the title chances of a team for the four-time world champion was absolutely uninteresting. So many options don’t exist for the 32-Year-old.

Sebastian Vettel/formula 1: New Option seems to be open

Ferrari had found the Carlos Sainz quickly Vettel-successor *. The Spaniard in turn was McLaren in the Cockpit has to be replaced promptly by Daniel Ricciardo – so it was not a first Option for Vettel directly from the table. Also, Vettel’s Ex-race team Red Bull took the distance of a Comeback. The last has been speculated a move to Mercedes * , the silver arrows were quick negotiations first, however. In addition, there are also rumors about a possible career end father of three. Or all of the above? Now there should be a new option for Vettel .

+ Unclear future: Where are Sebastian Vettel?©picture alliance/dpa / Fabian Sommer

Sebastian Vettel/formula 1: the future of the Heppenheimers – Aston Martin “an Option”?

Ex-racer David Coulthard considers a switch to the new team Aston Martin possible. This could be “an Option”, you just have to think a little bit cross, said the 49-year-old Briton in the Podcast “F1 Nation” on F1.com and added: “At this point in his career, Vettel could be a brilliant addition to a Team.” He was still very fast and could Know all his and all his experience from the years at Red Bull and Ferrari to bring in, said the former Vice world champion.

The British sports car builders Aston Martin wants to start next year with a factory team in formula 1 and soon even the top-of-attack. Chief of the project, the canadian entrepreneur Lawrence Stroll . With a group of investors he has pumped more than 600 million euros in the ailing carmaker. 2021 Strolls current Team Racing Point, for his son Lance drives to the factory racing team of Aston Martin.

+ Between 1994 and 2008, David Coulthard for Williams, McLaren and Red Bull came to 246 Grand Prix©picture alliance/dpa / Erwin Scheriau

Coulthard imagine for Vettel more than the role of a pilot. “He goes to Aston Martin, joins as a partner and begins a new Chapter in his career?”, he asked. Whether there will be this idea a reality, but appears to be still uncertain – and fits perfectly in the unclear future of Sebastian Vettel’s.

Daniel must vacate the Abbot, after a bit of cheating in a virtual race to be formula-E-the Cockpit at Audi.

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