Andreas hollow Burger, the scorer of the SE Freising, along the Top-Eleven of his career. He relies on his companions in the land League and by the FCA under Bruck.

Freising Andreas hollow Burger is one of the highest-scoring striker in the national League South-East. For the SE Freising the 28-Year-old scored in the last season, 34 goals in only 33 Games. For soccer suburban / FuPa upper Bavaria he puts together the Top-Eleven of his career so far.


Jan Kapitz (at the time, SE Freising , now SpVgg Trunstadt )

goalkeeper or striker? You have to tell him both was very good. “Keeper, the best striker”, it means always. Jan confirmed this stereotype completely. Even if he recovered edges in the Training prefer to be in the forefront of art, he made his Job in the crate more as a neat. For several years he was a bench in the Freisinger box and a machine in the sport home.


Patrick Schnatmann #PS14 ( FCA Bruck )

Patrick “Schnati” Schnatmann, in professional circles, better known as #PS14! In Bruck, he is already a legend as a player and Coach of the Reserve. In addition, he runs unchallenged to the internal statistics in the area of the inflicted penalty and own goals. His Fans follow him on his Facebook Fanpage “PS14 – the legend”. A, two new Likes he is happy for sure!

Andreas Schredl ( SE Freising )

He is a tough defender and a combat-machine. Every striker had to be against him in Training ran, could not resist a desperate moan. Ex-Coach Michi contactor gave him due to his unwillingness to compromise the nickname “Terminator”. He took over this season as captain, and is an integral part of the team.

Michael Schmid ( SE Freising )

He has been for several decades at the club and has hopefully a few years in the quiver. The Schmidl conducted the Freisinger Central with a calm and pass security, which is admired by young upstarts. As a long-time captain, he is not only on the pitch of the tone, but the young lad also celebrating where it’s at.


Markus Zacherl ( FCA Bruck )

He is my buddy since elementary school and my team was a colleague from the youth to the Mr area. An all-rounder, has occupied brilliant in his career a variety of positions. Was the district League times, he is still dangerous on the wing. In the meantime, he is as a player and coach in Bruck, the most prolific winning the League. To welcome in the coming autumn to be the best man is an honour for me!


Heiko Wachtler ( FCA Bruck )

I don’t know any player that exudes on the court more at peace than HW4. His nickname is “Mr. quiet” lives up to it completely. As a triathlete, he was usually fitter than his ten years younger opponent. He cycled part 50 kilometres to the away game and subsequently moved to the pond nor any of its cars, while many a team-mate had been the third white Beers. Sporty is an absolute role model!

Philip Urban (at the time, SE Freising , now FC Gundelfingen II )

He is an absolute team player and helpful. the most person I got to know. He pulled himself formally to some of the diligence task, in the club, the young players were fine. On the pitch, Philipp is an aggressive worker on the offensive and defensive wing positions, and also in the third half, he always gives Everything.

Mesut Toprak (at the time, SE Freising , now SC Freising )

This is an arrow on the outer webs, of the same addiction. His tremendous pace and strong Dribbling made him one of the best offensive players in the national League. Only in his final strength is our “Messi had to work” yet. 😉 He made, however, by his numerous Assists again.


James Joseph (at the time, SE Freising )

James, or Jimmy Moro called, was the best storm colleague of my career. We got along just perfect. I came across the pace and he was more of a play along the end of the striker. The statistics from the season 2017/2018 (both 28 crates) prove that the harmony has voted. Unfortunately, this Liaison had to be terminated after one season.

Franz Knoll ( FCA Bruck )

in the Meantime, he is team Manager and the “girl for everything”, the FCA and only rarely active in the game business involved. On the court he shows his Cleverness, of so many a youngster can cut a slice. In the whole County you know enjoyed it as a pleasant time and a great club man.

Christoph Gruner (at the time, the FCA under Bruck , now TuS Oberding )

Christoph Gruner also known as the “Schwoaßer”! It’s unbelievable what this man had for a right adhesive. He’s popped in part from 40 meters on the box and found the Keeper time after Time in front of huge tasks. His Assist account grew weekly, as there is no Keeper could hold on to his guns.


Christian Grüll (at the time, the FCA under Bruck , now TSV Moosburg )

He accompanied me the first two years in the men’s area and brought me to the hardness. Christian was definitely a hard dog, but also a Coach with great expert knowledge. This has helped me as a young player on the way in the up-market Amateur very more.


Szymon Przybylski ( SE Freising )

When I switched back 20 years to Freising, I wondered the “older” players were competing every week on the way to the Physio. “How can you be so broken”, I thought to myself. Now I can understand the Whole and Szymon tell on this way a big “Thank you”!

Text: Patrick Huljina