, The handball women of the SC Unterpfaffenhofen have a new coach. Martin Brenzel takes over the district of the upper League-team of the SCUG.

Germering – Brenzel comes from the HSG Würm-Mitte. His Job as Co-coach of the local national League team, he keeps still. Next season he is in two teams at the side line. With him is handball-in-chief, Helmut Schreiner was able to undertake his preferred candidate for the women’s team. When Brenzel can start with his work really is, however, still uncertain.

As the successor of Germer Inger Trainer-veteran Viktor Horelt he will be a difficult task. Horelt has left big shoes to fill. But Martin Brenzel has a lot of experience, due to his many years of work with the neighbors. From this time, some of the ladies of the current squad in good memories of him. In spite of the Corona-restrictions succeeded Helmut Schreiner, the Coup without a lot of fuss to successfully einzutüten. New coach Matin Brenzel intends to start in July with the preparations provided by the Bavarian football Association (BHV) has compiled a portable concept.

In your second year in the district of the upper League, the team is looking to build on the good results of the pre-season and have a say in the awarding of Titles to join in the conversation. In addition to the Commitments of the established players from last season, there is also interest by hand ballerinas from the Region, the Germering Team to join.

Brenzel, according to carpenter, the ideal occupation of the Germering trainer chair, as he was both in the athletic area as well as from the human side seen a of luck. Its great strength is that he can guide young talent very well, as he is in the last season, with the rise of 2. Team of the HSG Würm-Mitte, has shown.

The new season, the national League reserve team of Germering looking forward to. By Benedict carpenter, son of the SCU-football-chiefs, coached team played an outstanding season and was able to bag this early on your goal – mastery and ascension. As a substructure of the national League Teams of the Germering, you delivered in season 2019/20 week for the week of strong results.

If this is run in the coming season as well, then the team must build on their previous year performance. Because this year’s district League is extremely strong. It is also due to the increase in funding, after the season termination due to the Corona pandemic, there are no Losers – is also extremely debilitating.

Wolfgang Eichmann