It was much more than just a Derby. It was a rivalry, almost a kind of enmity and the height of the eyes. The game of the Lenggrieser SC against the SC Gaißach.

Lenggries/Gaißach – For years, the football clubs of the neighbouring villages played once more in the same League against each other. The Lenggrieser SC, the SC Gaißach had as a former district of the upper tier is always a little down saw, invited at the end of September 2013 to the district League Derby in the Isarstadion. “Especially for the players, it was a struggle for supremacy in the Isarwinkel,” recalls Walter Long, the then coach of the hosts. The Gaißacher supporters took the matter very seriously, and traveled numerous by special train to Derby, made with a green-and-white-fireworks – the Gaißacher club’s colours – in network of 850 supporters for plenty of mood. “The Pyros came in retrospect to be expensive”, says Stefan Simon. “But it was worth it,” adds the former SCG-captain after a short Pause. That is, until recently, have a fair and exciting game ended goalless 0:0, was perhaps a Symbol of the relaxation between the two Clubs, which began after the game gradually.

Simon: “It is now coach of the country’s division club SV Bad heilbrunn was pretty toxic”

“The players have exaggerated the Derby in the run-up to pretty, pretty mood,” says Long. A lot of players who knew each other well, languages are full of contempt of the other. “It was pretty toxic.” Almost hostile, admits Simon. Lang: “Now, my players were of the opinion that they had long enough to get a long nose shown. They wanted to show it to the Gaißachern so right.“

For the tense atmosphere showed the hosts, however, far too little use. “As lethargic, as the non-human in the first half of the course that goes in a Derby at all,” was quoted Long back in the Tölzer courier. Today, he makes more nervousness for the Gaißacher dominance at the beginning responsible. “I had an extremely young team.” With the exception of veteran Karl Murböck, straight from the BCF Wolfratshausen from the Bavaria League returned. But it was also something of a link between the Clubs, provided that the contacts between the two Teams took care, among other things, because he created with his work as a Carpenter, a connection between Lenggries and Gaißach.

Florian Schauer holds the point

From the Rest of the boys LSC Teams had to shape Long still a functioning unit, the experience had to. “One alone, it’s also not up,” says Lang, who had retrained for the skilled striker Florian Schauer straight to the goalkeeper. But exactly who was it that saved the Lenggriesern the point with extremely strong parades.

“We were the favorites,” says Simon. “Because it wasn’t so long ago that we came out of the higher League.” Lenggries had just made the ascent, was in the district League at the time, but even three points ahead of Gaißach. Both ranked in the top third of the table, it was still early in the season, it was neither to increase nor descend. “The right sporty statement was missing a little bit,” says Lang. But the volatility of it was missing. Both Teams wanted to keep in this prestigious match necessarily has the upper hand. “The Lenggrieser, wanted to demonstrate for the first time in the same League on a par with us, it is us now,” recalls Simon.

SC Gaißach is the command before

But it is the Gaißacher, which started strong, were lined up in a row, chances of opportunities. “We were better, mainly due to our experience,” says Simon. But the guests came over to chill. The SCG-captain, was ordered this season by new coach Uwe straightening hammer for the first time on the 10 o’clock Position behind the storm, some of the goals made, and many hung up. But not on this day.

Long And made it into the break to motivate his players. After the exchange, you came into the game. But the fear of it, to be rewarded with a counter hit, and was felt on both sides clearly. It was clear that a goal would be very painful, because it could seal the defeat, with the supremacy in the Isarwinkel is lost. Nevertheless, the Gaißacher closer to the goal, but Michael Pföderl failed alone in front of chill the nerves. And Adi Floßmann failed three times in a row: At the post, and twice in quick succession to shiver. The LSC would still even be happy with the victory, as Max cheque from a short distance to Thomas Wasen Steiner failed. Lang: “That would have been almost too much happiness.”

“It was a special game, one that you don’t forget”

So the Teams shared the points, but also the one or other beer in the port. Long: “For the first Time in years, the Lenggrieser offered Gaißach again to stand up. This was for my players very, very important.“ Because of the enmity between the two clubs ended in a little bit, the Coach believes. “It was a special game, one that you will not forget”, because then the hatchet was buried between Lenggries and Gaißach. Then, only healthy rivalry prevailed. “It was fun,” says Simon. There is only a handful of derbies. For the Amateurs who get no money, are such a neighborhood, the Motivation, the salt duels in the soup. “It’s games like this that you play football.” Two weeks before and after was talking about this game, Simon says. “A Match you never forget.”

(Nick Scheder)