does not seem, However, to make this, in his eyes, in the payment of the Golden Boy Fighters noticeable, as can be seen in his recent Comments about the Streaming Service DAZN. Golden Boy boss Oscar de la Hoya wanted to from the 4. July (BOXING reported) and “Kingry” should be the host of the headliners of the event. But DAZN-offer of $ 200,000 was Garcia too low, which is why his fight takes place.

To Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated made the young Boxer his Anger. “Why am I held financially back? What is the Problem here? Why pay DAZN large sums of money to people struggling against Nobodies?“, he asked. “It sucks how I’m treated. I’m not asking for 100 million. Give me the pay I deserve. How is it that I am one of the greatest boxers in the world, but higher sums of money outside of Boxing deserve?“ Since DAZN has an exclusive contract with Golden Boy, can Garcia switch to a different provider. Therefore, he wants to speak directly with the person responsible. “DAZN have to call me. I don’t need to hear from you why things happen. Shakur Stevenson is fighting. Why do ESPN and I can’t fight?“

the Golden-Boy President Chris Mannix said that it had offered Garcia more than his contractual Minimum and that the revenue due to the lack of spectators on-site are lower. He said: “We have an exclusive contract with DAZN, and Ryan has a exclusive contract with us We are living during a pandemic. It is hard times really are out there. Ryan’s next Show will not have any Fans. But he was not asked to be paid. In the contract we recently signed, we will pay him the Minimum for his next fight.“

Text: Nils Bothmann

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