rumors sprang up about the show, dancers of the TSV green tegernbach.

green tegernbach – According to various relaxations in the course of the Corona-crisis are allowed in the meantime, sporting activities in the Clubs. But, if you are not official requirements, so distance and hygiene rules, the facility and training operation can be quickly closed again, or there is a hefty fine. TSV green tegernbach, it looks to be currently a persistent rumor exposed to, you’ve are in breach of Corona pads and a 5000 Euro fine to get.

“That is not true definitely. It was and nothing is there – neither private nor official,“ emphasizes TSV-Chairman Stefan Mugler on demand of the local newspaper. Where did the rumor come, don’t be “known”. Supposedly, it should be to come to the Training of the show dance groups of violations.

TSV green tegernbach was drawn up in may, at an early stage, a comprehensive hygiene concept. The show’s dancers had then completed, as it was allowed, Outdoor in the main square under the new flood light to your workouts. Recently, will also be practiced in the gym. Everything with distance, dance steps and choreographies – and all without contact. In addition, we have formed a small tens-groups.

Also, the football players have started again with the Training, the practice, but on the training ground. So it was also separated spatially, and there is for the actors in different time Windows. Mugler is reported that, so far, “all of the requirements set out in the concept of Hygiene have kept”.