callback at Lidl: In a popular sausage was discovered in plastic. The Salami may be eaten in any case. It is a health hazard.

caution! Callback * with Lidl to create A Salami-Snack may be internal injuries. It must not be eaten. There is a high a danger for the health , because the sausage plastic can get stuck.

Göttingen – attention! The Discounter Lidl calls a Salami-Snack . In the Snack blue pieces of Film could be found, such as Lidl tells. He can, therefore, constitute a risk to health.

you Look better, whether you have the sausage in the fridge.

back of the Salami-Snack “Dulano deli Mini Salami-Snack ” the variety “Classic is called”.:

the 250-gram pack with the date of minimum durability 31.05.2020, the lot number L2325031007 and the identification mark DE NI 10921 EC is Concerned. the manufacturer the Schwarz Cranz GmbH & co. KG.

The supermarket “Lidl” specifically warns not to consume in a air-tight bowl Packed Salami Snack sausages.

callback at Lidl: Salami-Snack can lead to internal injuries

The Salami-Snack may contain blue pieces of Foil could cause internal injuries in the mouth, throat or esophagus. This can cause in the worst case, internal bleeding.

+ From the callback in the case of Lidl affected: This Salami Snack from Dulano’s called back because of the plastic foil can be located in the product there is a risk of injury.©Lidl

Lidl has taken the of the urgent recall of Salami-Snack, in the meantime, from the sale. In these Federal States was affected by this recall Salami-Snack sold:

lower Saxony Berlin Brandenburg Saxony Saxony-Anhalt Thuringia

callback at Lidl: Salami-Snack can be returned in all of the branch

Who has bought the Salami-Snack in the discount stores, you can use it in all Lidl -stores return. The purchase price will be refunded to the discounters – and that is also without submission of a receipt as proof of purchase.

+ Lidl: recall of Salami-Snack – Internal injuries are possible©Matthias Balk/dpa

such As Lidl tells, is only affected by the called Salami-Snack from the callback . Other products of the manufacturer, Schwarz Cranz GmbH & co. KG, since there is no risk. The manufacturer apologized in the face of the recall of the Salami Snacks at Lidl customers.

recall: Listeria in cheese – eating health-damage

Lidl is not the only supermarket that is calling a product back can. The organic chickpeas from Alnatura are being called back. The reason is that they may contain glass fragments, which may represent a hazard to health.

is A cheese from Switzerland of a further recall. A consumption can be health-damaging and even life-threatening. In the food Listeria could be contained.

How to consumers should a recall behavior, learn to*.

Michaela Schaal

The Brauerei Zötler launches recall of popular beer. This is the Wrong* May rupture.

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