A WWE Wrestler accuses his employer of racism. Similar to the case of Hulk Hogan the company is responding to, disruptive side to it.

Talks around the head and collar: Hulk Hogan at a press conference photograph: Ahmed Yosri/reuters

“I hate the company of this shit and all it stands for,” tweeted Jordan Myles last in a with swear words overloaded Video. The 31-year-old, the appearance in the Shows of the world’s biggest Wrestling promoter World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), wants to quit and the WWE has a medium-large racism Problem.

at Least according to Myles’ point of view: Because it goes to a black T-Shirt, a Fan-article with Myles’ name on the chest. In the red framed white letters Jordan Myles is so important-because – the Design is reminiscent of a smiling mouth. Myles sees it as an allusion to the controversial “black-facing”, from the Film and theatre world to arise. At that time, white actors played black and grotesque stereotypes of black characters.

have been according to the WWE for a completely different reason for the Design: Insider reports, the iconic Lips of the Rolling Stones was the Inspiration for the Myles-Logo.That Myles has to get a private T-Shirt, is already a curiosity. Because the Wrestler who has collected under other names already year-long experience at other Shows, the WWE is not a big number, but still plays a minor role in the weekly Shows of the “NXT”series, in which talents are trained.

“This is a slap in the face to every African-American Wrestlers and Fans,” raged Myles but more. So much So that even is suspected of using his Status dissatisfied Myles wool to provoke its expulsion, to Sultanbet be able to again in other Shows and use the T-Shirt for the occasion. However, there was no confirmation that Myles has actually terminated. On the WWE Website, he is still always as a Wrestler, “NXT”broadcast.

in fact, the needs of the stock market led and is always on his Image so companies intent not another racism-scandal – in the recent past, it was not handled very confidently and with such a serious Offense. Wrestling icon Hulk Hogan stumbled, 2015 according to a leaked Video from 2008, in which he said about himself: “I am a racist, up to a certain point” – and in the further course of the Repertoire of racist insults by inflections.

In the result, the WWE severed all Connections – Insider suspect, however, the WWE waiting for the right Moment, in the excitement of Hogan’s Remarks would put to him then back. And indeed, Since the middle of 2018, the bad fallen Grande may occur again in the WWE-Shows – but not all of the African-American Wrestler of the organizer declined Hogan his – formulated, often awkward – apologies.

“I could see no real remorse in his words,” criticized, among other things, a Wrestler Titus O’neil, after the returnees had addressed words to the filled locker room backstage. In the meantime, the waves seem to be comparatively smooth.

last may was to the public, that the promising Talent traded Lars Sullivan loshetzte years ago in a Bodybuilding Forum regularly, against pretty much everything and everyone, from African Americans about Muslims and Mexicans to Homosexuals.

As the public Echo was published by the WWE, a statement in Sullivan’s name: “There is no excuse for the inappropriate Comments that I made years ago. You do not represent my personal Beliefs nor who I am today, and I ask for forgiveness from whomever I have offended.“It was a $ 100,000 penalty and imposed “sensitivity training” by the WWE.

at the beginning of June, Sullivan suffered a serious knee injury and is still missing months – one would almost say: this is how WWE can sit out another Problem.Currently, a way out seems difficult – a dismissal would also be criticized as a forced-job. “I’m going to continue to do that until my voice is heard,” said Myles, meanwhile. If the “Sit out” for the WWE works so again, it remains to be seen.