Helmut Marko believes that policy in the environment of Charles Leclerc, one of the reasons why Sebastian Vettel Ferrari at the end of the season will leave. It is a mystery why the German has made this decision. Many see in Leclerc is a main reason, because this arrived as a newcomer and the established Vettel’s life difficult has made.

This is not all, says Marko: “It was not made in the context of the Leclerc a lot of policy that Vettel likes,” says the Motorsport consultant to ‘Sport1’. “Wants to step on the Gas gain and no energy with unnecessary team policy to waste.”

Marko: Vettel has lost faith in Ferrari

in Addition, Marko is of the opinion that Vettel had lost the confidence of Ferrari. World champion he wanted to be with the Scuderia, when he came in 2015, according to Maranello. However, this goal has not been reached so far, and also for 2020, few expect that the Red of the has been a great success. Motorsport Images Helmut Marko wants Sebastian Vettel, that he may show his

all four of His title took Vettel all with Red Bull, therefore, familiar with Marko and his Ex-protege, and perfect. This could now leave the formula 1, would be for the king class, a great loss. Because what is a driver Vettel, had alone shown the interest in the rumours about a move to Mercedes. “The everything”, as Marko says.

Vettel to Mercedes? “Wolff will not fear for the century-duel’t do this to”

But the fact that it comes to that, don’t believe the Austrians: “I, that Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is doing to this century duel,” he says. “Sebastian must take a year break and his chances for 2022 weigh. Young enough he’s still for it.”

For the last formula 1 season, he wishes the German, especially of: Ferrari to give him the opportunity to be Able to yet again demonstrate to.

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