In the case of Riccardo Patrese, one can certainly speak of a driver who had to do it in the course of his formula 1 career with some strong teammates. The Italian competed in a Team with the world-Alan Jones, Nelson Piquet, Nigel Mansell, and Michael Schumacher to master. In the Podcast ‘Beyond the Grid’ he recalls.

“The fastest team-mate I ever had was Michael,” says the 66-Year-old and declared: “Alan Jones was a world champion. Fantastic. Nelson was a world champion. Fantastic. Nigel also. But, the Speed was really outstanding, and the incredible things it could do with the car, it was Michael.”

“He is the only driver, perhaps alongside Senna, the win with an underpowered car racing and even the world Cup could fight. The two could also represent a car that was actually not a winning car, this small but fine difference,” says Patrese. This had not been the case with other pilots of the case.

“As Alan Jones became world champion, he had the best car. Nelson also. […] Nigel, had in 1992, such a superior car, that I was his only opponent. But the Speed, Michael Schumacher was able to go, and the things I saw which I that he can do, for me this was different than any other driver I’ve ever experienced,” says Patrese.

Against Schumacher is no longer motivated to complete

The Italian was changed in 1993 as the reigning Vice world champion from Williams to Benetton, where he met Schumacher. While it was for the young German, only the second full formula 1 season, went Patrese already in be 17. Year in the Premier class. “Michael was faster than me. But it is also true that I was not more motivated,” he admits today.

“With the same enthusiasm as at the beginning of my career, I might have been closer,” he believes, and explains: “He was young, and very talented. [Team boss] Briatore said: ‘Ah, Riccardo is not even as good as this young lad, although he is the Vice world champion. If I take a driver, is sure to be at least as fast as Michael.'”

However, you have to be able to its benefits was not properly assess, because: “Michael was not at the time of the Schumacher we know today. He was a young guy, and he still had no success and no seven world titles,” he says, and explains: “He has made my life very difficult, because Briatore said that I must be as quick as Schumacher.”

Patrese didn’t want to make the car better

“I was,” he admits, and explains: “You have to say: Michael was faster than me. But he was also the Fifth only the Fourth in the world Cup and I. Since the difference was not so great. It was his second of the season, my 17. The atmosphere in the Team was for my morale no good. It was certainly not my best season of Speed.”

“Because I was in other years, much faster than in 1993,” says Patrese, who finished the world Cup at the time with 20 points. Schumacher took more than twice as much counter (52) and a victory in Portugal. “I’ve focused a lot of attention to improve the car. I came from a perfect car, 1992-Williams,” recalls Patrese.

“The Benetton didn’t get on with all the electronic AIDS. I stayed more to the right, while Michael’s full concentration was to drive as fast as possible. To him, the driving behaviour was quite the same. When I complained, thought the whole Team that I look for excuses to search,” says Patrese.

disadvantage? Patrese resist Briatore

speaks of the “Michael was faster. But actually, I wanted to make the car better,” he says. In fact, it came to tensions with team boss Flavio Briatore. The claimed several times in the past, that Patrese could get at the time, complaining, worse Material than Schumacher. Wants to know however nothing.

“you wanted to win the constructors’ championship. I don’t think that a car was better than the other. If someone told you something, I don’t believe it. Every Team would like to have the two best cars on the grid,” said Patrese, who reveals with a Laugh that he had warned Ex-team-mate Piquet before joining Benetton in front of Briatore.

The Brazilian had driven in 1990 and 1991 for Benetton and its formula-1, had just finished career then. For Patrese, his time ended in the king class, after the short-Benetton-guest game. The best result in its farewell season, a second place in Hungary. Patrese was only twice on the Podium, Schumacher all nine times.

This article was written by Ruben Zimmermann

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