The PS5 will be able to contribute in many ways more than the PS4. Sony promises that the charging times are much shorter.

Expected by the end of 2020, the Gamer must at Christmas time with a Playstation 5 as a gift. Sony promises that the new console’s performance will be significantly better than the PS4. Especially a component that stands out to even exceed High-End PCs.

Every six to seven years, Sony brings a new Playstation on the market. This year it is that time again. By the end of 2020, we can expect the expected with the Release of the Playstation 5 is. This will be a lot more powerful. According to Sony, the Next will be make-Gen console, especially in one respect, a significant leap forward.

PS5 will be 100 times faster than PS4

In an internal company Meeting, Sony CEO Kenchiro Yoshida went into detail on some points relating to the PS5 . In order to improve video games in the future, work for the company, not only the graphics, but also to the speed of the games. For this reason, Sony would have developed a in-house SSD – a data memory of the data 100 times faster can handle, as with the PS4 possible. As a result, the load times in Games are much shorter and you can move in the great game worlds are still much more fluid than is currently possible. Like the look of can, demonstrated recently Epic Games with a Tech Demo on the PS5*.

Sony emphasized that especially the fast processing makes the difference in performance compared to the current console generation. Almost exactly a year ago Sony gen was PlayStation

-Takashi Mochizuki (@6d6f636869) May 21 at an investor Meeting for the first time, a sample of the speed of the new PS5 :

PS5 even High-End PCs outperform

Shortly after the Tech Demo of Epic Games is also the CEO and founder of the Studio, Tim Sweeney, commented on the performance of Sony’s in-house SSD. In a Stream in the context of the Game Fixed-2020 Sweeney said: “The storage system from Sony is a world class . Not only the best on consoles, but the best on any platform. the Even better than High-End PCs .” According to Sweeney, the times of the loading screens with the Next over-Gen. Also, the fact that the game environments appear only when passing through should not happen anymore.

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PS5 Release by the end of 2020: Sony is sticking to the planned start date

Sony has recently emphasized several times that the Release of the PS5 is further provided for the Christmas business 2020 . On the unveiling of the console Fans are still excited. In the next time Sony should have two Events planned* where the PS5, finally, will be presented. A little insight there was, after all, already with the presentation of the official PS5 controller, the dual sense*.

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