Basketball legend Dirk Nowitzki is married to a dark-skinned Swede. The Dallas living würzburg racist incidents in the United States are particularly close. “We need to change now what,” asks he in the midst of the current unrest.

Dallas (Reuters) – Superstar Dirk Nowitzki is taken from the case of George Floyd and the racism debates in his adopted home of US, personally, deeply.

“I’m devastated and sad that we see something over and over again. I fear for the future of my children,” tweeted the former German professional basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks in the night. Nowitzki is married to the dark-skinned Swede, Jessica Olsson, whose mother is from Kenya originated. The Couple has two sons and a daughter and lives since over 20 years in the Texas metropolis.

With emotional words, responded Nowitzki on the death of the African-American Floyd, triggered in the United States massive civil unrest. Families would have felt for generations, so wrote the 41-Year-old continued: “We now need to make a change.” A native of würzburg assured his voice and his support. “We can be friendly and respectful, we can listen and learn from each other? Can we educate our children?” Nowitzki asked.

With the heart he was with the family of Floyd and all the other families that would experience racism and social injustice. He joined with his opinion of the protests, and solidarity actions of international sports Stars after Floyd was killed in a police operation in Minneapolis killed. The white Ex-COP, the Floyd had pressed his knee into the back of the neck, must answer for manslaughter and “murder in the third degree”. He sits in custody.

World’s athletes against racism and police violence protest currently. In the Bundesliga there were solidarity gestures, which will remain in spite of the rules against political Statements on the playing field with impunity. The control Committee of the German football Association decided that no proceedings against the involved professionals to initiate. This line is to maintain the DFB also in the case of repetition. The actions were within the meaning of the values of the DFB, it said. They had “our respect and understanding,” said the Association’s President Fritz Keller.

The NBA Coach and the coach of the U.S. Olympic team, Gregg Popovich, had criticized U.S. President Donald Trump for his behavior in the days of the protest, sharp and offended. “Not only is he divisive. He is a destroyer. To be In his presence, to let you die,” said Popovich of the magazine “The Nation” and Trump called a “deranged idiot”. “I am appalled that we have a leader that can not say that black lives are important,” said the 71-year-old Coach of the San Antonio Spurs.

Nowitzki had already been shown to 2017, deeply disappointed by Trump, as this player from the American Football League NFL for the anthems of the Protest criticised the invitation to NBA Champion Golden State Warriors to the mandatory championship visit to the White house withdrew. “These are difficult times. You have to do the Best to hold together and to promote the love and all the good things instead of the bad things in the news,” he said at the time.

Nowitzki received 2019 for its social commitment, the Federal cross of merit on ribbon and traveled together with his wife and daughter, Malaika, in February of this year, Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier is on an official visit to Kenya. The 2.13 meters great Basketball legend had stated in the past year that he apply for a green card and a US passport wool get.

In his old home under the says the Basketball League, in which many Americans play in front of the on Saturday in Munich in the beginning of the tournament, mostly their professionals protest actions during the game operation. “Basically, it is that political Statements in the League verbally or non-are not verbally acknowledged,” said BBL managing Director, Stefan wood of the German press Agency on the question of whether or not player objects must protest Slogans on Shirts or equipment against racism, as this was the last seen of football professionals.

“For us as it is in football: We play sports, and there are no political Statements in any direction, because we don’t open the door,” said League chief wood. He said: “nevertheless, we’d all understand if the issue is of concern to the players from the USA.”

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