“Leclerc was seen as the great bringer of salvation”, says Nick Heidfeld. However, the formula 1 season opener in 2020 have not shown is how easy it is to bring Ferrari back on track. Because Charles Leclerc makes mistakes. Why, the analyzed Heidfeld in his column in the ‘Sky’.

There he writes: “It has been projected so much [Leclerc] he could not meet at all. In the months and weeks prior to the start of the season he was a ‘half-God’. One that can do everything. The Sunnyboy! But it was already clear that it is totally unrealistic what is expected of him.”

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel, it was not managed over the years to be a Ferrari world champion. The “dream” of the formula 1 tradition team for Leclerc was, “he can succeed where so many have failed”. That is why Ferrari has extended the contract Leclerc in Winter to five years, which is unusual in the industry.

Leclerc makes mistakes, but for how long?

And then the second formula 1 race of the season in Spielberg, came in the Leclerc, right at the beginning of his Ferrari team-mate Sebastian Vettel by collision out of the race. Only a week later, he was in Hungary, and Eleventh points.

Leclerc and Ferrari now have to recognize so: “not everything is always running around. Especially in a car that doesn’t work,” says Heidfeld. “You can’t be the demands of justice. Especially in Italy with Ferrari in the back and it will be with this car a very difficult time for [Leclerc].”

And Heidfeld also believes: Eventually, no more excuses to drag, can no longer rely Leclerc on his inexperience.

How much can increase Leclerc yet?

“At the beginning,” Heidfeld explained, “it is designed to be positive when he is at his mistakes. But: he can’t do, of course, several times. If more errors happen […], then the press will say: ‘What’s he doing there? This is not a world champion!’ This can be quickly […] to be a difficult Situation for him.”

of Course: “No one is error-free and he is still relatively young,” says Heidfeld. But at Ferrari the driver from the event period is always much shorter than other Teams. “Nowhere is the pressure greater than in the case of Ferrari. Fortunately, exactly this is the great strength of Charles: with pressure bypass.”

“A key question now: How can he develop further? I’m curious to see how far the curve goes up, how much he is still learning,” says Heidfeld. “It will be exciting to watch.”

This article was written by Stefan Ehlen

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