Neymar displayed: Homophobic statements against the friend of his mother brought him legal Trouble. Neymar’s mother in April with the 30 years younger Model.

The mother of PSG Superstar Neymar has a friend. Several decades lie between the unusual couple. Neymar homophobic insulted him and was displayed for now,

Update from 10. June, 9.45 am: The world-famous soccer star Neymar must face up to in his home country of Brazil, severe reproaches, and was even displayed. Reason homophobic Statements that have made the 28-Year-old are. The Star of Paris Saint-Germain is said to have offended the friend of his mother in a conversation among friends. However, the insulting Expressions of neymar’s were recorded, his friends went to the press .

Neymar in Brazil displayed: LGBT activist against Superstar

the Prosecutor’s office in São Paulo, confirmed that he him as a “little faggot” should have known. Then LGBT-activist Agripino announced Magalhaes at the beginning of the week on Instagram*, an action for “criminal homophobia, hate speech and death threats” to be submitted. Neymar and his advisors were so far to the allegations .

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A legenda está ao lado free to play game. Sonhar, nunca desistir !!! Te amo cara, você é fantástico @neymarjr

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Background of the relationship of neymar’s mother Nadine Goncalves with the 30 years younger Model Tiago Ramos committed to bisexuality . is Since April, the two are officially a Couple (the first message from the 5. May). Neymar, who is due to the League-crash in France, in Brazil, seems to bother, however, seems to be an effort.

Neymar: Will return to the Mega-Star PSG the back?

Neymar: His mother (52) shows off her new boyfriend on Instagram

first message of 5. May 2020:

Sao Paolo – they exchange deep looks, his white teeth flashing. With his Hand he touches her hip, without too much hands on. Rather, it acts like a gentle Caress. It is stronger and definitely more experienced.

What reads like the beginning of a love novel for adolescent girls, is in reality the description of the photo. More precisely, a snapshot of Nadine Gonçalves said . the is The mother of football Star Neymar Jr.* is freshly in love. The 52-Year-old floating on cloud nine.

neymar’s mother on cloud seven – friend is 30 years younger

trigger for the supposedly burgeoning Gasping for as much air is a so-called Toy-Boy. Just 22 years the new live-in partner is of age. Thus, the age difference between the two is 30 years. But love has known no age. “The Unexplained, not declared it, you live it…”, commented neymar’s mother fits her Posting on Instagram.

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O inexplicável não se explica, se vive… free to play game.

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neymar’s mother has a New – who is the man?

But who the new friend is in the life of the 52-Year-old actually?

Tiago is a professional Gamer, and Model, and a great admirer of your son. Already in 2017, Tiago wrote a message on Social Media to Neymar. “I know that I will meet you one day, because I give up a dreamer am and my goals, never”, – stated in it. His persistence seems to have paid off.

The first photo of Neymar and Mama’s new boyfriend showed up already in January 2020. In February, the Superstar celebrated his birthday. Also, six years his Junior, Tiago was present.

But like Neymar to be the new love of his mother? “Be happy, Mama. I love you,“ he says of the photo. So there is no trace of resentment.

Be father and adviser, Neymar da Silva Santos senior expresses himself to the love-Outing also. He gives a round of applause.

After 25 years of marriage, the parents of the Brazil-Stars broke up in 2016.

Also Jerome Boateng has a new flame. This is the new girlfriend on the side of the Bayern-Stars. In the case of team-mate Serge Gnabry seems to have also sparked.

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