In June 2020, the sequels appear to be two popular Netflix series. But that was not everything that the streaming service is planning.

Netflix has announced the movie and series Highlights from June 2020. The series “Dead girls don’t lie” and “Dark” in this month is a continuation. The Film offer is extended.

Than Netflix introduced the Film – and series-what’s new for may, 2020*, there was lots of criticism: that The proposed publications would not have interested a lot of subscribers in the Least. Several YouTube commentators threatened to cancel their subscription if the streaming service continue as in the past.

Whether the complaints continue in regard to the June 2020 ? No, in fact, many subscribers expressed very positive about the planned content. A YouTube user writes for example: “This month, dear Netflix employee, we would have had in April very necessary.”

One more Person praises the streaming service: “It is time, finally, again after a good month. Very nice Netflix, I’m excited.” We will tell, over what content subscribers can look forward to in the June 2020 :

This is the Netflix-Highlights in June 2020

The month starts with the 4. and the last season of “Dead girls don’t lie”*, which is already on 5. June goes online. the Netflix finished in the coming weeks, but a second series: the last season of “Dark”* appears very soon, on 27. June. Anyone who loves black humour on the other hand, on the 4. Season of “Rick & Morty”* to look forward to 17. June is available.

With the Comedy “the Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga”* the streaming service provides the ESC-Fans on 26. June is a replacement program for this year’s fancy Show. Or if you prefer to see a romantic Drama? Then you can look forward to “A Star is Born” with Lady Gaga . The highly-acclaimed Film will appear at 7. June.

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Netflix in June 2020: All Film and series Highlights at a Glance


movies and series

1. June

Gotham (series, 5. Season) “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” (series-1. and 2. Season) “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, New York and Atlanta,” (series) “Chappie” (Action, SciFi) “Planet of the apes: Survival” (Action, SciFi) “Paranormal Activity: die Gezeichneten” (Horror)

5. June

“Dead girls don’t lie” (series, 4. Season) “Queer Eye” (series, 5. Season)

7. June

“A Star is Born” (Drama)

9. June

“New Girl” (series, 7. Season)

12. June

“There’s 5 Bloods” (Drama)

14. June

“Marcella” (series, 3. Season) “The Blacklist” (series, 7. Season)

16. June

“Hotel Transylvania 3 – A Monster’s holiday” (children’s film)

17. June

“Rick & Morty” (series, 4. Season)

19. June

“The Sinner: Jamie” (series)

20. June

“Modern Family” (series, 10. Season)

26. June

“Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” (Comedy)

27. June

“Dark” (series, 3. Season)

29. June

“Loro – The seduced” (Drama)

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these are the series Highlights, by 2020