About one prevails among experts, in the meantime, Consensus: Sebastian Vettel will continue his formula 1 career only if him can someone for 2021 is to offer a win-capable car. And his good friend Toto Wolff doesn’t sound like it, as he would have exaggerated interest in him, when he speaks of “our faithful” and says that “loyalty is something incredibly Important”.

Before anyone said about a “dream team” with Vettel and Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes-speculated silver arrow, you must first of all be clarified whether the Daimler group want to stay with a factory team in formula 1 and whether Toto Wolff, the team remains the head. Both of which Stand today, in the middle of the corona of a crisis, anything other than safe. LAT Toto Wolff: he Is Sebastian Vettel’s last, best hope for a Cockpit 2021?

However, a variation away from Mercedes, believes David Coulthard, could Vettel charms: “he Goes perhaps to Aston Martin? There you could give him stock, and he could begin a new Phase in his career. This could be a possibility, if one thinks a bit cross,” said the former formula 1 Pilot in an Interview with the Podcast ‘F1 Nation’.

“Lawrence Stroll,” speculates Coulthard, “has big plans for the future success of Aston Martin. Vettel, in turn, could be in this stage of his career is a great asset in a Team, with all his Knowledge and experience from his time at Red Bull and Ferrari.”

Ralf Schumacher: “don’t Know if Toto going to hate me for this,”

Stroll and Wolff are committed to the British sports car manufacturer Aston Martin, gets in 2021, with today’s Racing-Point Team in his own work occurs in the formula 1, as shareholders. This is the first variant. A second variant could be that the two friends take on the Mercedes factory team, if Daimler gets out really.

It was “some discussion,” believes Ralf Schumacher to know. He reveals in the formula-1-Show ‘Warm-Up’ in the ‘Sky’: There was “the possibility” that Wolff “is able to offer in combination with father Stroll” Vettel something. Schumacher (“I don’t know if Toto going to hate me for it”) believes that for such transactions, “now is the right time” is. imago images/LaPresse Ralf Schumacher

He considers it realistic that Stroller and Wolff at Mercedes “get in and buy the package. Therefore, can arise in combination will certainly be something.” Rumors of such a Takeover are circulating for months. Already on 16. January f1-insider.com had reported ” for the first time specifically on this variant.

Coulthard is whether the self-spread rumors carefully, but says: “In formula 1 anything is possible. If during my career to come someone to me and told me would would be, ‘Bernie Ecclestone has bought a Ferrari and makes himself the number 1 driver’, then I would not have excluded it. Unlikely, Yes. But in this Business you should never against a little bet!”

What Vettel vs. Hamilton in the Mercedes

From the point of view of Schumacher speaks Mercedes, or Wolff is the only Option that Vettel still holds the back door open, even against a team-mate Hamilton, after all, “at Least he had the same car. And the best conditions, the there are currently. Also in the next year, logically, because not much will change.”

As seen, the combination of Vettel-Hamilton would be “somewhere interesting,” analyzed the six-time Grand Prix-winner: “The two are. The man has noticed it, too, as Sebastian had a heavy Phase that Lewis is since confessed it to him. Could well be. I think this is all a bit very, very speculative – but a great thing would be, if possible!”

One thing you should not overlook, however, is That “Lewis has not yet signed, and also the budget of some of the drivers might change now due to the crisis, simply because less money will be there. This will not likely be in spite of the title, the has Lewis, quite so simple,” speculated Schumacher.

Coulthard agrees: “Mercedes and Toto, the are business people, not a benefactor. Not to say: ‘Lewis, we love you so much, here you have the check made out to blank. Write your number on it and we pay it.’ You want to pay him as little as possible, and Lewis wants to earn as much as possible.”

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