up In Munich, drove a small van into several people. In addition, the perpetrator stabbed the victim. The police investigation lead to the Rocker Milieu.

Munich is at 10. June, a car into a group of people hazards. As reported by the police, it should have been a targeted attack. Meanwhile, several people were arrested – lead the investigation into the Rocker Milieu (see the Update from the 11. June, 9.34 PM) All News and Infos around Munich you will find on our tz-Munich-Department*.

Update, 13.06 PM: , The police has now confirmed that the Rocker Milieu is determined (see below). According to Reports, the image high-level Rocker bosses have given attack in order – and even a Murder have extremely. As the leaf is reported to have informed high-ranking Hells Angels-Rocker to the President of the Munich Hells Angels-Charter Deep South ” in Munich for order. To have betrayed a scene Insider.

the image also know wants, is to have the black Mercedes the Munich-based President of the Hells Angels Charter in the “Deep South” at the time of the close of the crime scene parked. After the attack, a man in a camouflage jacket and should go away with the car .

From “investigator circles” wants to have the sheet, moreover, that a witness had seen a suspicious vehicle with the car license plate “WOR” (district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen), in the three excited-looking men walked in. The passenger side of the vehicle to be fragmented.

From the police these reports have not been confirmed yet.

Munich: car grid with the intention of people – police, with innovations to the Tatvorgang

Update 12.41 PM: specifies The police Munich has the Tatvorgang again. As it is now laid, has been laying for the 45-Year-old from the district of Munich first on the sidewalk by two people and physically addressed. In this attack, a engraving tool came to the current investigation used. After the attacked persons had gone to ground, removed the two attacker . The same time, two persons came from the personal environment of the 45-Year-old the lying on the ground to help.

In this Moment approached, according to police is a black vans , and then on the walkway on the Person lying on the ground and their companions feed. It was by the occupants of the van to a renewed attack , now against all the three persons. In this attack the two persons who were to proceed to the start against the 45-Year-old involved, too.

Munich: car grid with intention by people, then stab the offender is first suspected to the Background

Update 11.35 am: The police Munich manifests itself with other backgrounds to the attack to Munich on Wednesday night, in a car with the intention of several people drove. According to the police report, investigators have conducted in the course of the night, numerous interviews and traces evaluated.

According to the police has to wear the fact as follows: Three persons who were traveling on foot, were apparently waiting in front of the car attack of several people on the sidewalk and “directly physically addressed”. The attacks , in particular, to a 45 from the district of Munich focused. In this attack a “ engraving tool came to the current investigation ” is used.

After the three challenged persons had gone to the ground, removed the group of attacker . At the same time a vans , and then on the walkway to the on the ground people who are feeding approached. It came then to further assaults by inmates of the van , as well as by people who are already taken previously against the three Victims.

Munich: the car is driving with the intention of people – police comment on current investigations

The current investigations summarize the evidence that all people have common references in the so-called rock milieu . In the course of intensive investigative measures were taken in the course of the night in the Munich area on the basis of relevant evidence and suspicions to five persons, provisionally arrest, or police services brought. Currently have been released by these persons, four again, so the police more.

the spacious mug was able to on Wednesday evening against 20 clock in the black vans in the district of Munich At the Hard to be found. The vehicle was secured to the track fuse, towed and is currently being investigated.

The investigations will be guided through the criminal technical Department 3 – Organized crime / Rocker -. Further investigations are characterized by intense post of the Victim , as well as further evaluation of the present testimony , hints, and traces of the slave.

The police also released a call : people can give relevant information, or at the time of the video recordings at the scene of the crime have been made, are requested, with the Munich police headquarters, criminal technical Department 3, Tel. 089/2910-0, or any other police Department in connection to.

Munich: the car is driving with the intent for the people, the perpetrators to stinging reports on the Background

Update 10.44 am: As the police Munich tells the investigation in the Rocker-scene with high-pressure run. Preliminary investigations suggest that there is a relationship between offenders and Victims, pointing to a connection in this environment, said a police spokesman.

the injured people , which were treated in hospitals, is two people living in Munich (42 and 56 years), as well as a 45-Year-old from the County Munich .

the massive manhunt , which was triggered on Wednesday evening immediately after the fact, were more than 40 stripes, and also use hundreds involved.

Munich: the car moves with intention in people, then stab the offender – the first arrests to come, and reports on the Background

Update 9.34 am: Slowly after the attack on Wednesday evening (10. June) more Details to light. According to the testimony of the Minister of the interior Joachim Herrmann (CSU) this was a brutal contest between two “police of well-known rock groups” (see below). Three persons had already been arrested, it was said early Thursday morning.

As the image is reported now to be the first of the police still unconfirmed, according to Rocker of Hells Angels responsible for the attack. The dispute appears to have lasted over a longer period of time in advance that there was a knife-attack in a Club, and a brutal fistfight in a Fast Food Restaurant.

Like the sheet says, should now be six alleged culprit been detained. These data were not confirmed by the police Munich officially. According to information from the image (article behind paywall), it should be one of the injured victims of yesterday’s attack in addition to Erdinc D. – he should be in the knife attack in a Club in 2015, stabbed, been.

large-scale operation in Munich: car drives into group of people