The Green party politician, Catherine Schulze was offended on Instagram evil – not for the first Time. The police in Munich, as determined and reported now a success.

The Green party politician, Catherine Schulze was insulted during a live stream on Instagram* evil. For the 34-Year-old the first contact with Hate, it was not Speech. You filed a police report, the Munich police determined. Now the officials were able to report a success.

Munich – Katharina Schulze, Chairman of the Green in the Bavarian Parliament, on the 26. May, during a Instagram-live streams bad been insulted. The 34-Year-old was insulted by users, among other things, as a “pedophile whore”. In addition, multiple-Nazi had been commented on slogans, such as the evening newspaper reported.

Katharina Schulze for Instagram-Livestream 41 offended:-Years of death threats from

the police in Munich tells, reported the 34-year-old politician, then the police. The investigation led to a 41-Year-old from Leipzig. This was in addition to the insults, even death threats like “I’ll give you a pronounced parting for Germany” against Schulze, the evening newspaper reported.

Munich police are investigating after insults on Instagram against Katharina Schulze

The Commissioner 44 of the Munich police headquarters will forward the operation to the Hate-Speech-representative of the Bavarian Ministry of justice in the office of the Prosecutor General Munich.

For Schulze, it is not Speech, the first contact with Hate. Wars “regularly, and many hate Postings”. Mostly by Email, but increasingly also from Social media. Only occasionally are letters. “For me, the rad is exhausting,” said Schulze, already in 2019.

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The message to the police in the text

“On Tuesday, 26.05.2020, against at 20:20, led by a 34-year-old Munich-based politician on a social network Instagram-Livestream. During the Live broadcast, the 34-year-old presenter was offended by some viewers, partly on the security of the state, relevant way. The 34-Year-old complained of this treatment to the police.

The investigation by the Commissioner 44 of the police headquarters in Munich led to a 41-year-old suspect from Leipzig. The office of the Commissioner 44 of the Munich police headquarters will forward the operation to the Hate – Speech-representative of the Bavarian Ministry of justice in the office of the Prosecutor General Munich.“

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