Valentino Rossi or Marc Marquez? This simple but explosive question splits the motorcycle world into two camps. The Fans of the respective driver will always have a list of suitable arguments for their Idol. However, as a comparatively neutral persons to judge the duel of the exception-rounder? In an interview with the Podcast of ‘BT sport’, has expressed a MotoGP team boss Lucio Cecchinello on this topic.

“This is not a difficult question. I choose Marc Marquez, because there is in any Sport, an Evolution. There is a further development of the driving style. It is a natural Evolution,” explained the countryman Valentino Rossi, who is still aware of what has been done Rossi for the Sport.

“You should set up a Statue in honor of Valentino, because he has lifted the motorcycle sport to a new level. He helped make the motorcycle sport is extremely popular. This is fantastic. But if you look at how the Sport has developed, then I would choose Marc Marquez, because he has raised the level,” explained Cecchinello.

“Before there was a driver who could slide with the rear tire. This happened in the 1980s and in the 1990s. Then there were drivers who could slip on both tires. Now there is Marquez, who can prevent with his technique to a fall after the front wheel has lost the liability. This is not a reaction, in which luck plays a role. It is a technique”, to be clear, the LCR Honda team boss.

“It is a technique that is not applied the driver from the Valentino Era,” notes Cecchinello and expect more evolutions in the coming years: “I expect that Marc will inspire the new Generation of riders to make the. So we will see drivers that will drive this technology forward.”

This article was written by Sebastian Fränzschky

*explains The contribution of “MotoGP team boss: Why Marc Marquez is better than Rossi” published by Contact with the executives here.